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Impeccably looked after throughout

What a great night this was, met at the gate by one of the team (got a little confused as the entrance road looks a little like someones drive). The evening began with a walk round tour of the venue with the E.G.H team so we could all familiarise ourselves with the layout, the fort itself is well worth a visit, a fairly tightly ringed central courtyard with various rooms and ante chambers around the outside and not forgetting the moat beyond. Back then for a quick coffee before the evening began proper, I was placed on Simon's team and we experienced a great deal of activity in the various areas,too much in fact to list it all here but high spots were: the cells where shadows were seen in the corridor and also some sounds were heard, the bunk room where several orbs were seen by us and also on camera by another team member watching cctv in the canteen, the boat room, again a generally active area and the display room where we seemed to be in contact with a little girl called Annie but also heard shuffling footsteps from what is a locked off area and again several shadows by the doorway. The moat also proved interesting various things going on here but on a personal level this was where I experienced my first ' touch'. Impeccably looked after throughout the whole experience by the team with encouragement and guidance when required, I for one can't wait to go back

— Corum D. Event: Harwich Redoubt Fort

Friendly & professional Team

This was my first experience actually ghost hunting and a very enjoyable one. I found the team very friendly and professional. Quite alot of activity during the evening. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in the paranormal, as I certainly will be joining them again on another event. Thanks guys

— Gillian K. Event: Cash's Well

Cash's Well

I attended a private event arranged by a very good friend of mine to Cash's Well as a birthday treat. My first experience ghost hunting which I must admit I was quite scared about beforehand...... turned out to be a great event.... Good fun using the EMF meters, dowsing rods etc. and a very friendly team who made my birthday very memorable indeed. Thank you to the whole team especially Simon whose fags we nicked all night!! (We needed them for the stress!!!!), Ryan who was so caring helping one of the girls who suffered with a bad leg get about in the dark, Joe for his expertise with the dowsing rods and Russ for his humour and showing us the way with his big torch! Hope to see you all again sometime.

— Sharon N. Event: Cash's Well

A Truly Enjoyable and Interesting Experience

I was a bit sceptical about the whole thing and although I do believe in the paranormal I was not expecting to really encounter anything. The team are extremely friendly, welcoming and professional and they make the whole experience enjoyable. They have a good knowledge of the history of the place which is very interesting and we felt, smelt and heard sounds (which to be honest I did not really expect). I would highly recommend going to an event, they are a great bunch of guys and I would definitely go to another venue.

— Tracy H. Event: Cash's Well

Thanks for a most enjoyable time

Thanks for a most enjoyable time at the Fort Horsted in Kent. Well organised and very interesting, indeed. Looking forward to the Kelvedon Secret Bunker and Harwich(this will be my third time at Harwich Fort).

— Joe D. Event: Fort Horsted

Very professional and more than Welcoming

Once again the team was very professional and more than welcoming. These guys are great and I cannot wait for my next even. I hope to go on many more throughout the years to come

— Jack V. Event: Cash's Well

Very Honest Paranormal Investigation

My first ghost hunting event with Essex Ghost Hunters was Harwich Redoubt Fort. We got to the fort about 30 mins early, the team were very welcoming and let us take a look around the fort before anyone else got there. The team is very professional and they know what they are doing. This is great for anyone who wants to have their first ghost hunting event. I would recommend Essex Ghost Hunters to anyone who wants to experience a great and very honest paranormal investigation.

— Jack V. Event: Harwich Redoubt Fort

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We run ghost hunting events across Essex and the surrounding counties. Our aim is to provide a great experience, showing how spirits can communicate with us, learning their stories and having an enjoyable time. We charge a minimum and only aim to cover costs and services. Your experience you have and your company will be truly valued by us.

You will be joining an experienced team with at least two mediums, who rarely get information incorrect. Every ghost hunt starts with the history of the location and the group is then split into teams, you will have the chance to participate in activities like; Séances, Vigils, EVP experiments and use our equipment; K2 EMF meters, ghost communicators, Dowsing rods, thermometer readers, Pendulums.

Please note that all attendees are required to be over the age of 18. See the Event Terms and Conditions.

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