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We run ghost hunts and ghost walks in Essex which are performed by a very well experienced team with two mediums. Book online today.

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Amazing night

I really enjoyed the hunt last Friday, amazing night, well organised and excellent evening. Lots of spiritual activity, can't wait to go again

— Beth C. Event: Cash's Well

Fort Amherst 11/04/15

Only one word to describe last night EPIC, with more activity than you can shake a k2 at this fort almost trumps Harwich redoubt. I'm more naturally inclined to summer but Amherst is going to be one good reason why I can't wait for November. We'll be back for sure, thanks to the team for a really great evening, I wish seven hours at work would pass half as quickly.

— Corum D. Event: Fort Amherst


Wow! What a night! Best investigation for me so far. Loads of activity going on everywhere, people getting affected all over the place and the spirit board producing some amazing and quite emotional results. So lucky we were given access to the unrestored parts of the fort, it made the atmosphere even more special. We had an amazing light show with the K2 meters from a Crimean nurse which was just stunning. My favourite parts? Talking with the little girl who managed to push the doll over. I had her name come through to me which was a first and then a lot of other stuff about her. Really pleased and just want to say thanks to the whole of the EGH group for such a brilliant night, you really look after us all. Can't wait for the next one!

— Debbie C. Event: Fort Amherst

Those naughty soldiers...........!

What a great evening was had at the Harwich Fort! Loads of stuff going on, some very randy (apparently!) spirit soldiers and some other interesting characters. A lot of people were really affected and I loved the whole fort with its spooky atmosphere and winding staircases. There were a few very emotional moments and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole night? Thanks guys, see you next year!

— Debbie C. Event: Harwich Redoubt Fort


as always a massive thank you to the whole team, what a mixed event this was, good and bad engerys there but a very interesting place I'm sure everyone will agree, the running of the event was down to a T , once you've been with this team you won't look back and wouldn't go any where else, this has been a powerful year for ghost hunting and I'm looking extremely forward to next year , what a fantastic night as always could not fault anything at all, big thank you to Russ, ryan, simon, Joe, duncan and Sandra very well done EGH

— Lee B. Event: Coalhouse Fort

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We run ghost hunting events across Essex and the surrounding counties. Our aim is to provide a great experience, showing how spirits can communicate with us, learning their stories and having an enjoyable time. We charge a minimum and only aim to cover costs and services. Your experience you have and your company will be truly valued by us.

You will be joining an experienced team with at least two mediums, who rarely get information incorrect. Every ghost hunt starts with the history of the location and the group is then split into teams, you will have the chance to participate in activities like; Séances, Vigils, EVP experiments and use our equipment; K2 EMF meters, ghost communicators, Dowsing rods, thermometer readers, Pendulums.

Please note that all attendees are required to be over the age of 18. See the Event Terms and Conditions.

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