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We run ghost hunts and ghost walks in Essex which are performed by a very well experienced team with two mediums. Book online today.

Below are our upcoming ghost hunting events in Essex and Kent. If you are wishing to have a private event please contact us and we may be able to help.

The A team of ghost hunting

So lets start this of with a massive thank you, the work these lads have to put in before an event is unreal, we only see the fun side, but with out , Russ, Ryan, Duncan, how, Simon and Sandra, the things we have seen felt and experienced would not be possible with out this unique team, Tunbridge was a real experience for everyone wouldn't you agree ? If you didn't believe before I'm pretty sure you do now, the energy and level of sprit protection is though the roof, and how professional are these guys as well you have to hand it to them, and no one can take away the fact that they know how to put on such a well organised and fantastic night, its truly something special and amazing and the way they make you feel welcome and so easy is such an important factor to these events , if it was your first event in sure it will not be your last, stick with these guys and there events and you cant go wrong, I'm sure your sprit guide will ne telling you the same ;), couldn't think of a better place or people to spend my Halloween with, truly amazing and on point, thank you to the team and everyone who was there !!! If there's a ghost in your neighbour hood ......who you gonna call ? .....EGH.....nananana

— Lee B. Event: Tonbridge Castle

Get me some dowsing rods!

What a fantastic night! It was my first ghost hunt with the group. I'm an open minded skeptic and although I've had a few experiences before, I don't like to take anything for granted. The location was great as the castle is the original keep plus a victorian extension, so lots of different history. We had experiences in all parts of the castle and I can only say that when I tried using the dowsing rods for the first time, I've never felt anything like it! The seance was really interesting (the male spirit didn't like me very much!). I can't wait to book another one, thanks guys!

— Debbie C. Event: Tonbridge Castle

ghost busters have nothing on Essex ghost hunters !

Let me start this off with a massive and personal thank you to, Russell, Sandra,Joe Duncan simon and ryan nothing is possible with out the hard work that this team puts in, The royal gunpowder mills has alot of history and activity, anything from monks to work man, witches and witch hunters, there's alot that that you'll see , hear and feel, mainly the feeling side is very strong from being chained down to the feeling of being burnt and some pain and emotions, none of that would be possible with out Essex ghost hunters, these guys and girl are the best of the best, for activity and safety and not to mention the laughs and the banter, there really on top of there game and none of us who have been on previous events would have gone and discovered them self's with out there hard work and effort and if you haven't booked an event then you're seriously slacking and need to see that you'll honestly find no better group massive thank you, lee

— Lee B. Event: Royal Gunpowder Mills

Value for money and an amazing night out

So much fun!! The team were great and really friendly. Great relaxed atmosphere. Loved all the activities, felt we got value for money and an amazing night out. We will be booking again soon!!

— Zara W. Event: Harwich Redoubt Fort

Sorry guys but you will be seeing more of us!

Brilliant night at Harwich Redoubt Fort. The team were brilliant and as always, informative and kept the night light hearted, even with some of the things that happened! Would recommend Essex Ghost Hunters and already have to family and friends who are now booking! The team have given us the ghost hunting bug and we have already booked the next one. Sorry guys but you will be seeing more of us!

— Kim J. Event: Harwich Redoubt Fort

See you again soon

Yet another fantastic ghost hunt with the team at Fort Amherst. Can't rate these guys highly enough, absolute professionals. Excellent in every way. Many thanks. See you again soon.

— Karen G. Event: Fort Amherst

You won't find any better anywhere else

First experience in doing anything like this, got on really well with everyone who I met there, also it was a night & experience I'll never forget & also plan to go on plenty more events, every single member of the team know what there doing had a fantastic sense if banter as well which made the whole night comfortable and easy through out, if there's anyone who's looking to do something like this go with these guys you won't find any better anywhere else Lee

— Lee B. Event: Fort Amherst

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We run ghost hunting events across Essex and the surrounding counties. Our aim is to provide a great experience, showing how spirits can communicate with us, learning their stories and having an enjoyable time. We charge a minimum and only aim to cover costs and services. Your experience you have and your company will be truly valued by us.

You will be joining an experienced team with at least two mediums, who rarely get information incorrect. Every ghost hunt starts with the history of the location and the group is then split into teams, you will have the chance to participate in activities like; Séances, Vigils, EVP experiments and use our equipment; K2 EMF meters, ghost communicators, Dowsing rods, thermometer readers, Pendulums.

Please note that all attendees are required to be over the age of 18. See the Event Terms and Conditions.

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