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The team formed in 2010, we were just 4 normal people; who enjoy the thrills and scares of ghost hunting. We all worked and our ages varied from nineteen to early fifties. We arranged trips around our busy work schedules and we have ventured out on numerous occasions. Our evenings start with visiting the site in the daylight to get a good feel and not to cause any noise or disruption to the local residents; this is followed by a good pub meal, which we have recommended in our blog posts.


During 2013-2014 we expanded our team as one of our founders busy with work commitments, 2 good friends who were skeptics joined the team. In early 2015, Lauren joined the team and late 2015 Kim and Mark joined.


Our desired location is Borley Rectory, Essex. We have experienced numerous sightings, noises and objects being thrown at us. For other sightings and recent destinations check out our blog. If you know of any haunted places in Essex or the surrounding area, please contact us.

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