Fort Amherst - Spirit Board & Callouts

On the 19th July 2014 we ran our first ghost hunt at Fort Amherst. The team members were allocated their roles, séance, equipment and spirt board.

Read Russ Joe’s report of their Séance experiments.

Read Duncan & Ryan’s report of their equipment experiments.

Firstly on the walk around Simon picked up on a nurse called Edith (Eddie), a Lord who Simon felt built the fort, and finally he could hear a woman screaming and children crying this was to feature later.

Group 1: Middle Tunnel
Simon and Sandra conducted all the spirit board communications. Simon opened the board and both Sandra and Simon called spirit forward to communicate. At first the board was really slow but Simon was communicating away from the board and got a clear message that woman only on the board. Simon asked the male guests to leave the board. Ian stood further down the tunnel and to his surprise felt his hands being held – Simon immediately knew this was the children he had picked up on earlier and they were distressed Lee and Henry also had children holding their hands. Sandra was picking names up on the board and they were confirming that they were holding hands now and that they had been buried in a land/chalk slide. Simon continued to talk to the mother- woman who was trying to lead the children away and that the lady wanted to take the children out and away from the area – Emily one of our guests was chosen to lead the children to the woman who would take the children out – we managed to take all children to the woman and all guests and helpers felt this wonderful experience. The area then went colder and Lee and Henry were communicating with a spirit and we were all drawn towards the door.

As we approached, banging was heard on the door and all the group heard noises and talking – loud scratching was heard and Simon tapped and it replicated the tapping noises some very distinctive that led Simon to believe this was a group outside the door that could be making the noises (not so the door was around 50 foot up on the side of the fort – a sheer drop down.) Henry and Lee then picked up on the two brothers fighting and Sandra was confirming this on messages on the spirit board. This was a fantastic start to the evening and I believe all our guests felt communication in this area. It was later confirmed that there had been a landslide in the tunnels and children were buried alive in this area.

Group 2: War Room 
Once again Simon and Sandra asked the guests to join the board it started very slowly and we thought we had picked up on a male spirit (only to learn later this was a female spirit) – There were a lot of codes on the walls and the spirit seemed to be using these codes to communicate. Simon became aware of a strong male presence sitting at a desk in the corner who appeared to hold authority over this room- The spirit told us that they were abused by this person in the corner of the room and did not like him – Simon left the board and one of the male guests sat in the chair in the corner – As Simon stepped out the door he had a blast on the K2 meter he confirmed this was Nurse Edith (Eddie) the male guest saw the movement on the EMF which he also witnessed as we entered the room. Nurse Eddie was saying that the WW2 room had been moved and trying to show Simon where this used to be located – Once again started slowly but ended with more activity.

Simon later confirmed that Nurse Edith roamed the tunnels and did not like the male figure in the corner of the room.

Group 3: Top Room
Duncan had asked Simon to investigate a male entity from his group he was keeping children up the stair area in this room.

Sandra run the board and picked up on a female relative of one of our guests – This room became very hot quickly – Simon immediately picked up on a male spirit and that he was in turmoil – Simon asked a couple of the female guests to help him get the children down the stairs. There were two children and the guests led them to the other side of the room and we took them down the stairs and away from this room – The male spirit who did not want us to know his name although Simon thought this was a Lord who was involved in the building of the fort – Several of the guests felt his presence and Simon knew he was not a bad man but seemed confused for some reason – we concluded our investigations.

What a wonderful evening at the Fort, we can’t wait until we go back.


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