Pitsea Mount

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Pitsea Mount visit

Pitsea Mount visit

06/01/2012 – This was our first visit to Pitsea mount. The site is not easy to access you have to park in the road called Brackendale Avenue and then it is a five minute walk uphill through a wooded area. Conditions: Strong wind but a clear night. There is a lot of noise from the A13 main road. Once you reach the tower there are a few graves surrounding the tower. The Team walked around the tower and asked if anything was present in the tower to make a noise or show itself. Although nothing happened a strong kind of musty strange smell was evident and the whole team smelt this and it was getting stronger. Simon at one point got very cold but this visit was a little disappointing and nothing to report. The Team will return to this site later in the year.If anybody has any sightings or stories to tell please contact us with your findings.

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