Fort Amherst - Equipment Experiments

On the 19th July 2014 we ran our first ghost hunt at Fort Amherst. The team members were allocated their roles, séance, equipment and spirt board.

Read Simon & Sandra’s report of their spirit board and callout experiments.

Read Russ Joe’s report of their Séance experiments.

The equipment experiments for the night were lead by Duncan and Ryan.

Group 1: War Rooms
Duncan immediately picked up a French worker/prisoner called Gerard who didn’t understand the questioning very well. The group tried communicate in broken French further which seemed to work well. Gerard seemed to be planning some kind of escape or mischief but was very wary of another spirit in the next section who was of military appearance (maybe his boss/captor). Duncan with two guests tried to communicate with this spirit further whilst Ryan stayed with the main group to continue to communicate with Gerard with great success. Several members of the group were able to describe what Gerard was wearing and general appearances. We asked Gerard to repeat the noise made by tapping on the table and he obliged by making the dowsing rods tap (on top of each other) in response.
The second spirit couldn’t understand why we were there and was adamant that if we were there that we had to work for him and get our hands dirty, digging out the tunnels. We believe he was an officer or commander.

Group 2: Upstairs Room
The group immediately picked up on several different spirits in this room. Mainly Children and between the group a total of 9 child spirits were communicated with. Lee one of our guests communicated with a family of 4 spirits getting amazing reactions on the dowsing rods. Ryan took a group of 5 further up towards the top of the fort where they picked up on a spirit at first thought to be aggressive but as time went on he seemed to be just timid. He was in fact looking for his brother, Henry had previously communicated with him in his earlier session with Simon. Although he wouldn’t come fully forward a faint figure was seen on the stairs and seemed to move further forward when the group turned away. As we were planning to leave the room something hit the floor that sounded like a stone or metal, but on investigation nothing could be found.
We went back to this room later on in the evening as a larger group to see if we could communicate further and had messages on the spirit board from the male spirit who seemed to be going through our names on the board.

Group 3: Middle Arch
This was the final group of the night and although we didn’t manage to communicate fully we did hear tapping noises at the end of the room. We did investigate but could not find a logical explanation of what they were or what was causing them. We moved to the latrine area where we did manage to connect with a spirit albeit very faintly we did have movement on the EMF meters.


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