Tithe Barn Investigation

This was our first visit to Tithe Barn in Upminster, Essex. Simon had immediately picked up a presence of a little girl in the surrounding area of the barn. Simon and Russell remained outside the barn whilst the rest of the group were given the history of the barn.

Once inside the barn the group surveyed the barn and got familiar with the objects in the barn. After twenty minutes we asked for the lights to be turned off. Russell picked up a large figure in the corner of the barn so we set the camera up and called out asking the presence to make a noise. A few orbs were visible and tapping noises and stones were being thrown. Fortunately the orbs and noises have been captured on the camera. Russell then moved into the opposite corner and called out and asked the presence to repeat his knocking three times, once again caught on camera the knocking noise was repeated. Simon also saw a shadow of a large figure in the same corner as Russell had earlier seen.

Ross witnessed a shadow pass through the middle of the barn a peach colour, later on in the evening Simon also saw the visitation cross the room in the same place. Chris and James carried out a lone vigil at the end of the barn and heard footsteps.

Nearing the end of the investigation Russell picked up on the presence of a woman, Simon asked her to play the piano, the group was laughing about somebody tripping and the presence advised Russell that one of the group was being disrespectful and laughing because she could not play the piano. Adam advised this was not the case and the investigation continued and the woman moved away.

Unfortunately the camera had stopped filming due to battery drainage. There was an extremely loud bang at the end (behind us) of the barn and we were aware that other spirits had joined us and the woman was becoming weaker. We believed that the presences that had stepped forward were two men that had harmed the little girl in some way.

Our sincere thanks to the Tithe Barn volunteers for allowing us to carry out our investigation.


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