The screaming woods visit

02/02/2012 – We decided to visit Pluckley screaming woods for the first time. It was a very foggy/misty night. The misty evening added to the eerie feeling of the location. Ater checking out the location in the day light, we then headed to the most haunted village of Pluckley for a meal. We have ate in the Black Horse Pub, which is also said to be haunted; however, we had no feeling of this. After a quick look around the village we headed back to the screaming woods, at this point it was total darkness out.

Once all the equipment was set up we walked deep into the forest. After standing still for a little while Russ, Chris & Ryan thought they heard a scream on a couple of occasions. A few orbs we seen, which unfortunately weren’t caught on camera. After reviewing the footage there is a strange light appearing behind Ryan at approximately 2.25 into the video. After reviewing the video we have seen a strange light near Adam at 1.34, which cannot be explained.

A few members of the team heard footstep noises in the dense woodland; however, it couldn’t be confirmed as there was rain droplets falling from the tall trees. Overall, we throughly enjoyed the night and we are planning an all night stay in the summer.

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