The Ruins of St Peter's Church Visit

With special thanks to Matthew from Essex Ghost Nights who arranged this tour.
In attendance: Russell, Ryan, Simon and Matthew.
Our first encounter of the night happened as we approached the ruins, Russell who was driving stopped the car as he saw a figure standing in the road very close to the side of the car, Matthew also saw the figure and witnessed Russell’s sighting. Later on in the evening another car also slowed down and stopped in exactly the same place as the sighting.

On arrival at the church Simon picked up on two soldier like figures standing at a path adjacent to the ruins. As we walked into the ruins Matthew had activity on the EMF reader we tried a call out but no further activity. As we were in the doorway we all had feelings of coldness and being watched. Simon picked up on a presence called Ann who was asking why the church was in ruins. Russell also picked up on this presence. As we were standing in the grave yard Russ and Simon both picked up on witchcraft, Russ picked up on the name of Hollycliffe and Matthew later confirmed this was correct. Simon could not get the surname for Ann although he had detected 3 or 4 witches present and of a Scottish surname.

Throughout the night footsteps and faint whistling noises could be heard. Whilst at the side of the church all four of us encountered bad feelings and Matthew was pushed and hit in the back. Simon was also touched on the head.

As we were closing the evening Russell picked up on soldiers presence and confirmed with Matthew dress code and dated from the English Civil War.

This site was very good and we will be back for a full investigation.


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