The Cage

Once again thanks to Matt from Essex Ghost Nights for arranging this event.

On arrival both Russell and Simon picked up on activity in the alley walk way at the back of the premises. On entering the house Simon picked up on a male presence in the hallway. Later when the team went back to the stairs both Russell and Simon advised that a man had hung himself from the beam at the top of the stairs. Simon could see a man taking a run and jump from the top of the stairs with something tied around his neck. Joe had a lot of EMF activity in the bathroom and experienced feelings of dread and became uncomfortable. This has been reported in the area on previous ghost events.

In the dining area Russell picked up on a female presence called Elizabeth and Simon picked up on an aggressive spirit. We carried out a Séance during which some hands raised and pushing was experienced. About half way into the séance Ryan became aggressive and wanted to attack Joe for some reason. Russell immediately broke himself and Ryan from the séance and dealt with him and returned him to his normal manner.

Simon was followed around the property by a small boy who was ill and lived either next door or a house very close to the property. Simon could not confirm if this is the boy that moves the toys in the children’s bedroom. The group then carried out a vigil in the bedroom and Russell channelled into a spirit called Victor (please see video). Victor was very aggressive and has a very high opinion of himself and claimed to be the highest authority. The vigil ended when Victor decided to push the table over (using Russell channelling). Simon then brought Russell back to the group and we closed the vigil.

We carried out a spirit board investigation in the lounge area where we once again picked up Victor who answered a few questions. We carried out further vigils but not much else happened.
There were a lot of orbs seen on the security cameras but after two hours the energy appeared to go flat and we did not experience any further happenings.

The group expected more activity and happenings at the Cage and will conduct a further investigation in the summer and also investigate the alley at the back of the house.

We have split the videos into three.

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