Summer Secret Nuclear Bunker Visit

Russ, Adam & Joe’s group

We started off in the tunnel area of the bunker. We had the resident spirit turn up and took to a member of the group really well, he started to communicate through the dowsing rods. He informed us of what his job was (store man) and how he did not like the sign, beware of the ghost. We did a bit of calling out and a member of the group heard a few tap/bangs. The highlight of the tunnel area was that guests felt pains in their legs. This was due to the spirit having bad legs whilst he was alive.

We moved on into the radio/broadcast area. we started off by calling out and we we heard a few bangs. There were also quiet taps which we located to the filing cabinet in a sealed off room. A couple of guests headed to other rooms located on this level. They reported that they heard bangs and taps and even a chair moved.

The last room we visited before the break was the plant room which had some very weird things happen. I had to leave the room at this time as I felt that the spirit was getting too close. I was not to only person to leave this room throughout the time spent in there, as the spirit energy in this room was very strong and aggressive.

After the break we moved into the sick bay and dorm area. We were joined by a gentleman that was shot, but unfortunately, it was very hard to bring him forward. I decided to use the spirit board to talk to him and asked if he could explain what happened to him. unfortunately i cannot disclose his message due to the nature of it. We then decided to move into the sick bay, we heard a few taps an noises.

Simon, Ryan & Sally’s group

We started off in the male dormitory. We attempted a few call outs and we joined by a male spirit. Both Simon and Sally confirmed there was an airmen present, he had something wrong with his chest. We then confirmed this by the guests using dowsing rods. The guests who operated the dowsing rods felt a burst of energy whilst using them. The spirit also used the dowsing rods to point in the direction of which is bed was. A female member of the group had their hair touched/pulled. About 5 people, including Simon and Sally, witnessed a shadow move across the doorway which leads into the sick bay.

We decided to move into the sick bay. Although we didn’t get many noises, a few of the guests felt the busy nurse walking in between them, continuing her busy work. We moved into the adjacent wash down room, most of the group heard a shuffling noise, which later Sally explained this noise being the nurse mopping the floor.

After a short break we headed to the tunnel. During the time spent there, a lot of noise and talking was heard at the end of the tunnel. A few members of the group decided to head down to the end, no noise was heard by them, however, the team half way along the tunnel heard the same noise. There were also temperature drops recorded along the tunnel and orbs were captured by a guest’s camera. The same female guest felt her hair get touched/pulled again. We set up the grid laser along the tunnel, however, this didn’t turn out to be conclusive.

We then moved into the plant room. Firstly lots of tapping noises were heard by all members of the group. Simon then picked up that we were being watched and a lot of the group felt uneasy. Although originally we thought that the spirit was a female, both Sally and Simon thought that this was a man dressed in woman’s clothing.

We decided to move into the boiler room. Simon experienced his usual spinning eyes which is from a spirit who had an accident where chemicals were sprayed into his face.we moved right to then end of the room, where the stairs are located. Sally decided to call out asked the spirits to move down the stairs towards us. This created a noise of people moving down the stairs for the period of about 30 seconds. The noise suddenly stopped, Sally decided to call out again. Once again the same noises were heard by all of the group. We tried this again with the voice recorder, unfortunately it stopped.

Both of the teams decided to gather in the coms room, this is where we tried a mass séance, unfortunately this didn’t work. We split back into our two groups. Russell’s séance performed very well, they had hands moved and people were pushed in the back. Russell’s group the carried out a spirit board experiment. Unfortunately due to the nature of the messages which came through we cannot disclose them. One thing can be confirmed is that when you see people with tears in their eyes, it just proves to me that there is life after death and spirit will all ways be with you.

Both groups also experienced EMF readings by the filing cabinet. Russell can Simon confirmed that this was a spirit of the colonel who is resident at the bunker.

After all the guests left, the team stayed at the bunker for the night. Due to the experiences we are planning our next year visit to the bunker which will included an overnight stay.


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