Summer Cash's Well Ghost Hunt

The Cash’s Well event 16th August. On this occasion we welcomed all new guests to the well.

The team took a quick walk around the woods and the activity was once again high.

The hunt started at around 9pm and as the team walked into the forest to our first meeting point.
Simon called upon Jason to walk amongst the group. Although this took a little longer than usual, Jason did not let us down. All of the group smelt aftershave and a different smell which we did not recognise. Jason also managed to drop the temperature gauge, drastically. A lady from the group witnessed the grid laser lights being interrupted. The usual noises were heard, both Russ and Simon picked up on a new spirit being present.

Simon called the group of school children forward and many of our group were able to feel the children holding their hands and noises.
A woman member of group heard crying and Russ and Simon found a girl (spirit) with her back turned towards the main group. With a bit of coaxing, Simon managed to persuade the spirit to hold the member of the groups hand. This also encouraged her to return to playing with the rest of the group of children.

A new technique which Joe and Sally introduced was a hoop of glow sticks. This was attractive towards the children, who managed to make them swing and move.

We moved into the Well are and decided to perform the séance there were at least ten people in the group and as soon as Russ called for the spirits to join us. There were a few hand raised, a few people felt pushing and a couple felt uncomfortable. During the séance Russ picked up on a young man who was hung in the well and Ryan pointed (spirit pushed) towards a guest’s trainers.

Ryan and two new guests, who were really spiritually sensitive, later picked up (through dowsing rods) on this gentleman who confirmed he hung himself in the well. The clue was that he was living in somebody else’s shoes.

Simon picked up on a spirit called Molly (the new spirit who had been following us around). He asked the group as to whether anybody knew of a passing spirit called Molly. A female guest called Julie, confirmed she did, Simon then passed a message on. This was later confirmed through dowsing rods with Russ.

For the first time we asked all female guests if they wound kindly go to the top of the hill. This is where the sprit mainly affects females. Sally led the group to the location. They heard a few noises and had bad feelings.

The gentlemen then joined the group, there was a slight temperature drop. Throughout the night a few guests smelt soap or perfume fragrance.

We concluded our investigation at this point, another fantastical evening enjoyed by us all. We look forward to welcoming the guests back on more of out hunts.


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