Strange happenings at pre-visit

Ryan and Simon took Russell for a pre-visit to St Margarets church on the 25th February we always do this before a major hunt. This is to get the feel of the place and to look at the surrounding areas so we are familiar of the landmarks around the site.

So there was nothing unusual on this day we took the EMF reader and walked around the site as we were speaking to some people in the grounds the EMF reader kept picking up and going off. We tried to explain this but thought it may have been our mobile phone so we all decided to switch off and the EMF reader returned to normal so we thought this was our mobile phones.

As we walked around the site the EMF reader again went off this time no phones were switched on this as we approached the ruins of the old church.  Russell went and stood in the remains of the old church and Simon and Ryan left the site and stood behind the church noticeboard so they were no longer able to see or hear Russell. Simon called out and asked the presence to make the reader move four times and do it now. Russell then confirmed the EMF reader had moved four times,  again Simon asked the presence to make the reader move  nine times do it now and Russell confirmed that he had lost count but thought eleven,  and once more Simon told the presence to move the needle on the reader five times this time the needle remained stable at the number five for some length of time.

We all thanked the presence for confirming and moving the reader.  Really strange and we cannot wait for the night time visit.


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