St Peter Ad Murum Investigation

On the 6th July the team visited St Peters Ad Murum, Bradwell-on-Sea. We found a very nice pub in Althorne calledThe Huntsman and Hounds, which served us excellent food and we’ll be returning here on our next visit. After arriving at 9:15pm, Simon was immediately drawn to the wooded area to the left hand side of the church so we started our investigation there, as we started to walk through the woods Russell was taking pictures and picked up some orbs around the team. Whilst we were walking through we all felt as we were being watched and it felt like the energy was growing both Russell and Simon tried to communicate but this energy was agressive and nasty and wanted us to leave the area. The team walked further into the woods and the energy was growing and moving each side of the path. Russell and Simon received messages to leave this area quickly, we kept together and left the area and rested for a while before moving onto the church.

Before moving into the church Russell asked for the energy in the woods not to follow us and stay where it was. The team then moved into the church, all of us noticed how warm and peaceful it was inside. We carried out a full investigation and Russell picked up on a woman with the name of Jean. After spending two hours in the church Simon was drawn to the outside so the team moved the to rear of the building.

Simon picked up on old soldiers (Vikings) attacking the people at church but they had managed to hold them off and stopped them entering the church. After moving to the front of the church, Russell then picked up and started channelling an energy this lasted for around five minutes and this appeared to be a soldier protecting the church. The soldier seemed very agressive and wanted to make his point clear.

We concluded that although there was not much activity in the church, the surrounding areas were very active and the church was used as a safe haven throughout the centuries. We all look forward to another visit very soon. Please watch the video.


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