St. Margaret’s Church night time visit

The team arrived at St. Margaret’s Church at 9:45pm, the weather conditions were very good (a little cold though). As we were pulling up towards the church Russell thought he saw a figure walk in front of the car, although nobody else witnessed this Russell was certain he spotted it. By the time the team had set the equipment up a mist had rolled in and remained during our visit.

As the group moved towards the back of the church they all felt cold and uncomfortable. When we used the grid laser at the rear of the church Russell spotted a shadow move across the corner of the grid. Throughout the night there was a lot of movement on the EMF detector, please watch the video for EMF communications. There were noised such as thuds, chains rattling and whistles were heard by the whole group.

Even Adam (who is sometimes sceptical), found certain parts of the church uncomfortable and eerie. We experienced some activity whilst investigating the old ruins, both Simon and Russell witnessed shadows moving across the ruins. Adam performed a personal video log in the old ruins, which we hope to review later, as this was taken on an old camcorder.

After reviewing the footage we heard strange noises in the background, which can be heard in the video at around the 5.32 mark.

We all thought this was a really interesting visit, although nothing was conclusive we all felt the site was active and hopefully the footage will reveal more findings. If you know of any history of the location of St. Margaret’s Church (or the nearby area) please let us know.

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