Spirit Affecting a Torch

  • Category: Visits
  • Date: 08/03/2016

We were recently invited to hold a ghost hunt at a private house. Throughout the evening we had brilliant activity. The video below is of a spirit turning a torch on and off.

There were 6 people upstairs listening to the P-SB7 Spirit Box. Most of the group heard someone walking up the stairs, Simon stood out the way of the door to let them in. When Tina opened the door nobody was there.

The majority of the group felt a change in the presence. Mark, Joe and Kim asked the spirit to turn the torches off. Joe's torch (placed on the floor) started to dim. The team focused their energy towards the torch and the spirit who was present.

As you can see in the video, the spirit kindly responded to our requests. Turning the torch on and off, flickering and stopping. Tina's suggestion to start clapping increased the energy enough to help the spirit to be able to do this.


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