Simon's St. Margaret's Account

Simon’s observations of the St Margarets church visit. Date 16th March 2012.

These are my personal thoughts and findings of the visit, I believe this was one of our most active visits so far on parallel with our Borley visits. On arrival a lovely clear night and Russell thought he saw a shadow move in front of the car. Within twenty minutes a mist had rolled in and remained with us for the duration of the visit. As soon as I entered the church grounds I had feeling of being watched and know I was being followed throughout the visit. I heard noises and chains rattling, and whistling during the evening. I was not surprised when we heard child like noises when we replayed the voice recorder the following day. Nearing the end of the visit I heard a very strange noise which made me feel uncomfortable . Until that point I had felt ok but got very cold and I was glad we were concluding our investigations.

Even stranger was the happening next morning I woke up and drifted back into a sleep I believe. I was standing on a train platform and there was a lovely looking woman dressed in what I can describe as victorian clothing, she began talking in a strange accent and told me her name was either Dorothy, Dot or Doris and that she wanted me to go back to the church and find the tunnels, There were children at the church they are happy and they were watching us on our visit. My message is to find the tunnel and release the chains and we will find our answers. She also told me that something horrible happened by the tree. The next day the team drove back to the church and although I am unable to divulgethe reasons we were needed at that church on Saturday and I had obviously been called back to the church.

Using the EMF reader we followed directions and this led us to an old pill-box

This is only my personal view and experience but I would welcome any help with name of Dot or Dorothy and if anyone has any information on tunnels or schools in the area. Please contact us any help will be appreciated.

I cannot wait for the next visit.



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