September Cash's Well Ghost Hunt

Cash’s Well 20th September visit, we welcomed some new and some returning guests to this wonderful new found venue.

The team took their usual walk around the forest and once again a strong male spirit was following us around the forest. The activity was high in this well hidden location. The team returned to our meeting point and waited for the arrival of our guests.

The hunt started at around 10pm both Simon and Russell picked up on a male spirit called Jason who came amongst the group and once again Jason walked around the group and allowed us to smell his aftershave. On this occasion Jason liked one of the female guests and stood by her for some length of time. There was also temperature recordings during our stay with Jason. The spirit box also was recording names and Jason liked the hats of a couple of our female guests. We asked Jason to call the school children forward, one of the female guests felt really uneasy and ill Russell took time to help clear this lady and she re-joined the group. The school children then joined us and I believe all the guests experienced hand holding by the children. Sandra one of the guests helped Simon to return one of the school children back to the group. This child is often excluded from the main group and can be heard crying. As we approached the well, Simon, Sally and other members of the group saw a hooded shadow run across the path and move away. Simon did try calling the figure back towards the group but it moved away.

We moved into the well area and we decided to perform the séance there were at least twelve people in the group and as soon as Russ asked for the spirits to join us a tremendous force was felt behind four members of the group. Russ asked for hands to be lifted. This was probably the best séance yet, all hands were lifted and everybody felt a strong force within the séance. Russ continued and managed to get a few people pushing towards the ground. EMF readers also went off during our time in the well and voices were heard outside and shadows were seen.

One of the voices we heard was a spirit lady call Abigail (Abi) who had a baby and she was being looked after by a spirit called Jordie who helped construct the well and worked on a lower well. Jordie can often be heard pushing the water pump and singing to the baby. Abi walks around the well and can be seen peering out of the windows of the Well. Sandra one of our new guests saw a woman dressed in white in the well area, another sighting at Cash’s Well.

We then moved to the bottom of the hill and split into three groups to perform dowsing experiments. We had some good results with family members coming through on the dowsing rods.

As Russ and Simon knew that at the top of the hill there was an entity that liked women. We decided to send a female group to the top of hill. Sally reported back that they experienced a temperature drop and that they all felt uncomfortable at some point. Both Russ and Simon felt uncomfortable on the hill and that there was an unseen force present with and around the group. Footsteps and noises were constantly heard and shadows were seen in this area.

We concluded this fantastic event and made our way back to the meeting point.

During the evening we conducted a voice recording and asked guests to ask their own questions.

The recording below was taken near to the well area. Towards the end of the recording, some repetitive noise can be heard. This may be the pump action which Jordie sometimes presents us with.

The team cannot wait for until the next visit. View our upcoming events.


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