Secret Nuclear Bunker Ghost Hunting Event

The Secret Nuclear Bunker Kelvedon Hatch ghost hunting event 5th April 2013.

The team arrived at 6.30 to set up the cameras after an initial walk around the team split. Simon picked up the presence of a woman in the stair area top floor. Joe also confirmed he felt a very strong presence. After a few minutes Simon got the sensation of falling from the bannisters and Russell confirmed and advised that she had been pushed over the bannisters. A lot of tapping noises and doors slamming were experienced. Simon went to the toilet and heard a woman speaking and later had the vision of a woman in RAF uniform telling everybody to be quiet as people were working in the communications area.

Our guests arrived and once again we carried out a walk around and Adam heard footsteps which could not be explained. The group returned to the base area and were given a briefing and shown the equipment. The guests were then split into two teams. The lights were turned off and the investigations began.

Simon, Adam and Joe led the first group on the upper floor and entered the male dormitory. Simon and Joe picked up on the spirit of a male who angry. The group started to use the dowsing rods and Wendy our guests had strong readings on the EMF reader flashing to red on numerous occasions. Simon got the name of David this was confirmed by the dowsing rods and movement on the EMF reader. One of the other whilst sitting on the bunk bed had her back stroked. Simon continued to ask David questions and discovered that he was a pilot again in the RAF and had contracted tuberculosis and this had ruined his career and this is why he was angry. Wendy continued to get strong readings on the EMF reader. The group then moved onto the Sick Bay Simon picked up on a nurse called Jenny who was very busy and kept moving around. In the bed area Simon and Joe picked up on a man who had wet himself in one of the beds and another man having breathing difficulties in another bed. Simon, Joe and a few group members heard voices at the back of the room. Simon and Wendy both heard the filing cabinets bang and regular tapping noises were witnessed. The group returned to base for a break. The groups then swapped floors before continuing vigils.

In the tunnel Simon picked up on a spirit called Stan who is grounded in the tunnel and had been present on earlier visits. Wendy and a few of the group saw shadows at the end of the tunnel and witnessed movements. Adam our sceptic once again witnessed hearing footsteps. The group left this area and conducted further vigils in the plant room and operations room but the energies had appeared to have diminished and we returned to base. Whilst outside Joe and two other members of the group picked up on a male spirit advising us this was all wrong and not how it used to be. Joe also got his ear flicked and I would say our entire group experienced feelings and movements outside the bunker.

Russ and Ryan’s group (group 2) started off in the tunnel. There was a slight sound of shuffling which some of the group heard. On our previous visit Simon and Russ picked up a presence of Stan who worked in the armoury. Russ confirmed Stan was present around us. A few of the group experimented with the dowsing rods to communicate with Stan. A couple of guests had great success with the rods. Whilst one guest was using the rods she felt a sore/heated neck.

Group 2 then moved into filtration room. On a previous visit Russ had experienced blurry/distorted eyes; Simon confirmed he had a man who had his eyes burnt communicating with him. There was a huge amount of EMF activity here, but we had previously found there are high voltage power cables below. Russ felt his eyes starting to go blurry. There were a few sounds of taps, but we couldn’t be sure if spirit did them. Unfortunately we didn’t have any physical activity here.

We then moved into the plant room where Russ had a spirit who wasn’t too pleased with us there. We asked for the spirit to make a noise, show us an orb or raise the EMF meter lights but they still weren’t happy. Russ then started to goad the spirit to encourage it to show us physical activity. Russ swore to goad the spirit. Immediately after that a member of the group felt very faint and hot. Whilst a nurse was dealing with the lady that was unwell, the rest of the group were calling out. A few guests heard a massive lump of metal being thrown in the far corner behind engines.

Group 2’s next location was the male dormitory. Whilst we were talking a few of the group heard a sentence repeated, it almost sounded like it echoed but very clear. Russ and Ryan were leaning on one of the beds and both felt it faintly vibrating/shaking. Members of the group gathered around the bed to feel it and everybody confirmed it. The bed was shaking rigorously and faintly on and off at some points it was heard moving as well. Members of the group also felt like they were on a boat.

Whilst in the operating room Russell was getting attacked by a spirit who wanted to enter him and channel, but he pushed it back. Whilst he was passing a quiet whilst was heard by a few members of the group. Simon and Russ have previously picked up on a doctor who whistled whilst operating.

Within group 2’s séance Russ’ and Ryan’s hands were lifted and Ryan was twisted and pushed downwards. A group member had a giggling fit and a lady was swaying back and forth. We then moved onto the spirit board. We opened the board and we had a man called Tim come through. Tim started giving us coded messages, as if he was sending them securely. We assured Tim that we weren’t there to leak any sensitive information. Tim briefly gave us a message about the Germans. Then he switched back to coded messages.

Within group 1’s séance Simons’ and a few members of the group hands were lifted. Joe was overcome with a headache and felt very ill and he had to leave. A lot of the group’s hands became very hot and uncomfortable. We then moved onto the spirit board. We opened the board and we had a lady called Eve who was not making much sense but did spell a rude few words for Ciaran in our group. Eve was also trying to give us coded messages, we asked for Eve to leave the board three times but she just kept coming back. We then closed the board.

Overall we would not say this was not our most active night but it did produce some good evidence and activity. Whilst clearing away the equipment Russell channelled into the doctor in the sick bay. The doctor supplied important information and Russell will try this on our next event in the bunker.

We would like to thank all our guests for attending and hope they all experienced some feelings of paranormal activity and had an enjoyable evening. We are currently working our way through all the camera footage and once reviewed we will publish our findings.

We are running another ghost hunt at the Secret Nuclear Bunker Kelvedon Hatch, for more information see our event page.


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