Ryan's East Tilbury Battery Account

I was really looking forward to do this visit, and it came as a shock that we were able to do it at very last minute, when we were all available. Me, Russ and Simon had been here before, but didn’t carry out a full investigation as Adam wasn’t with us. I was glad Adam was coming along this time, as I wouldn’t be the only one able to explore the whole site.

After getting to the main part of the battery, I was a little on edge as we didn’t know who or what was in the tunnels, but no-fear Ad soon made me not so worried. After looking in the tunnels that me, Russ and Simon looked at before, it was then down to me and Adam to find other access points.

As usual, I didn’t feel of see anything whilst at the battery; but I did enjoy Simon communicating with Reg. Reg seemed a great bloke and gave us all a great laugh. I found it amazing when Simon asked Reg if there were any other places we could get into and Reg pointed us in the direction, which was correct.

There were so many more places we could take a look at and explore, but unfortunately we didn’t have time. I enjoyed taking a look at different site, and look forward to return.

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