Russ' St Peter Ad Murum Account

Simon and I visited this site a few weeks ago and we both had good and bad feelings. After spending a few hours there we decided to bring the team back for a night time visit.

As we approached the site the whole team was in good spirits which is always good for ghost hunting. Simon was straightaway drawn to the woods to the side of the church, and I really had a bad feeling about this. I very much felt like we should not be there and a feeling that someone or something did not want us to be there. Simon was getting goaded to go in, so we did and just like I felt outside the presence there wanted to harm us. We decided to leave the woods and move on and this presence stayed with us for a bit as we walked along the beach wall. After a few forceful words I managed to keep it in woods.

We moved into the church where the mood of the team dropped and it was very hard to get the energy going but I did pick up on a faint presence which I believe was a female called Jean but as soon as she come, she went.

Simon then moved outside where he picked up on Vikings but as this was all going on I really began to not feel myself in a way that I have never experienced before. I felt a presence step close which was a male and was getting closer and closer. As hard as I tried I could not stop this person stepping into me and all I can remember is that I must protect the church and stop anyone getting in. As this has never happened to me before it was very strange. I do believe this method is called channeling but I am not 100% sure.

I do feel that this site contains some very bad spirits and should not be messed with.

Thanks for reading,



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