Russ' Borley Rectory Account

Russ’ observations of the Borley Rectory visit. Date 6th April 2012.

These are my personal thoughts and findings of the visit. We have been looking forward to this hunt for a very long time, as this is one of our favourite places. When our medium, Brad, said he could come, you could imagine how we felt as a team, very very excited. Every time we go to Borley it always makes me feel uneasy and even though we had Brad with us I still felt no different!

On our second visit to Borley last year, I felt that there was a lady dressed in white that needed my help and I believe her name was Rose. I did not tell Brad any of this beforehand. As we got out of the car and had a walk around, so Brad could get the feel of Borley church, as he has never been there before, I asked brad if he felt any presence, Brad turned around and said there is a lady following us around and she’s in a white dress. This made me feel happy as this is what I have believed there to be.

Even though Brad could not confirm her name I believed it was Rose and she is trying to contact me and she needs my help, as this running through my head most of the night. I do not feel that it’s contained to the church grounds, but the surrounding fields as I was draw down the side of the church along the side of the field. I just wanted to follow my instinct but I couldn’t because it was private property.

If any one knows of a Rose related to Borley or the surrounding areas please contact us, as it would help me to help Rose. Half way though the hunt I had to disconnect from the sprit side of things, as I felt a very strong negative energy that stepped in from the corner of the church grounds. It was a very dark shadow which I have felt before and it’s a nasty presence. At one point it kept saying to me “MURDER!” in a very aggressive tone of voice. (Brad did not feel this presence) For the safety of the team, I didn’t feel that I was strong enough to protect them, so I stepped out of the spirit connection.

Having brad with me on this hunt gave me the confidence to believe in my abilities to connect the the other side and I should trust and believe and never doubt myself! I think that this was one of my best hunts I have done, but was a little disappointment that the videos corrupted at important times; but this is the paranormal for you.

Any help would be grateful for any think that I have mentioned please contact us.

Many thanks for reading,



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