Ruins of Cash’s Well 30th May

The group met at 9pm and carried out an initial walk around. Simon and Sandra picked up on Jason our resident spirit walking down to the Well. Our initial investigations suggested a lot activity and we returned to meet our guests.

Our guests arrived and we met some old friends Shelley, Vicky and Lisa and some new guests who were spiritually connected in some way. Russell opened the investigation and we walked down towards the well. As we walked into the forest Simon, Sandra and Vicky picked up on a woman who we have met before and a smell quite distinct to this area was witnessed and Vicky could feel the pain of this woman.
We arrived at the log and Jason soon joined us once again everybody witnessed his aftershave, beer and his presence was felt by all our guests. Sandra was aware that the children had joined the group and were already mixing with the guests. This is unusual but we believe this was due to the spiritual awareness of this group. Simon then picked up a strong smell of whisky and working with Shelley picked up one of the guest’s mother who was sitting in a chair looking at the guest and drinking whisky. Simon confirmed the message was sending her love but also showed her stubbornness by not staying very long and moved on. The children in this area were already connecting with some of our guests but we moved to the log area and nearly all our guests were soon holding hands with the children and once again they were led away from the log. Russell worked with the guests in the area and picked up on a man that was annoyed and agitated. Clare, Vicky and Harry remained at the log and Clare had a child spirit sitting on her lap called Lucy and I believe Clare will not forget this experience. We said goodbye and blessed the children and moved towards the well.

On a pathway near the well Russell, Simon and Sandra picked up on two male hooded spirits, who were just watching us. They did not want to communicate or want to approach us. Ryan presented the history of the well to our guests and we moved into the séance area. Russell performed yet another great séance and this was very active. Peoples hands were lifted and Sandra was pushed to the ground and twisted into various positions. Russell had his face pushed to the ground.

Sandra then led the group of women to the hill area Russell and Ryan joined them. Whilst they were up there, Ma’am Taylor performed her usual selection method. Ma’am Taylor, singled out a female by making them feel uncomfortable or physically touching them.

Simon remained at the well with Vicky, Clare and Harry who was using the dowsing rods. All of us picked up on the two hooded male figures. One was just standing there watching us and Harry could see that one male figure was moving towards us. We all felt freezing cold and a lot of noise could be heard in the area.
This was a fantastic night and we made our way back to the meeting area.


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