Red Lion Hotel Private Ghost Hunt

Red Lion Hotel; Colchester, Essex
19th January 2013.

The Team arrived at the venue 8pm and both Simon and Russell picked up on various spirits in the hotel. Once we had set up our equipment the manager of the hotel gave the team a full walk around of the hotel and some available rooms. Simon immediately picked up on a young girl called Alice following us around the hotel and she was also showing him where and how she was murdered. At one point Alice showed him where they had tried to brick up part of the hotel to stop her roaming but was laughing that they will not stop her roaming the hotel. When entering the cellar area Russell picked up on an aggressive presence who was spitting at everyone advising them to keep out. Simon also picked up on Oliver Cromwell and cabinet meetings being held in the dining area. Russell picked up on a male presence being drunk and sitting in the bar area. Simon also picked up on the presence of a little boy following us around but not really able to talk or communicate for some reason. The manager confirmed our findings and explained these in further detail.

Cameras were installed in rooms 3, 6 and 10 these were the rooms that both Simon and Russell had picked up on strong presences earlier in the evening. Rooms 6 and 10 would be used for our planned vigils. Room 3 was too small for a vigil but the spirit of Alice was very strong in this room, our CCTV footage is still being reviewed and will be released at a later date.

Vigils began at 10.30pm and split into groups of 10 people.

Simon’s vigils in Room 10 not much activity on call outs although there was movement both vigils on the dowsing rods. There was no activity on the EMF readers. Simon’s vigils in Room 6 a lot more activity on the dowsing rods and also EMF readers had some activity and this is where Simon picked up on a monk/preist and a fire, and that he was saving children from the fire and again Simon picked up on a little boy who escaped out the window thanks to the monk who perished in this fire.

Russell’s vigil in Room 10 some activity and the group witnessed a rustling noise in the corner of the room. Russell also picked on an evil spirit in this room who had committed murder in this room. Russell’s vigils in Room 6 again EMF activity in this room and Russell also had the same liitle boy and also fire in this room.

The High Street was very noisy so it was very hard to hear noises and although very strong spirit presences could be felt by both mediums the reaction was very subdued for some reason.

Sceances in the cellar proved to be very active both groups had hands lifting and Simon’s group had 4 people forced to the ground and it was very hard to push up and out of this position.

Russell then took a group and completed a spirit board session and got a few messages.

The evening concluded and hopefully provided a good 40th Birthday event, although the Red Lion was not a active as the team expected it was certainly an interesting venue and one we would like to do again some point in the future.

We’ve split the videos into two parts.


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