Our first Hockley Woods Ghost Hunt

We apologise that our Blog updates have been interrupted due to circumstances beyond our control recently.

This was our first visit to Hockley Woods and the Team led our guests to our first meeting point. The group split into two smaller groups Russell, Joe and Sandra picked up on a circus/freak show and communicated as best they could with some spirit entities. Simon and Duncan, although had a quiet start, the group noticed that the clearing they were in began to get very dark and this was not the skies or cloud cover. The group heard footsteps on numerous occasions. When the two groups re-joined, Russell and Simon were drawn further into the woods and then EMF’s started to get very active and some members of the group heard footsteps. Temperature variations were recorded.

We then moved to the second meeting point and whilst walking along a stone was thrown at Simon, Duncan and a female member of the group. We attempted to carry out a séance and although a few hands were raised Simon and a female member of the group felt a barrier was being put around the group and they thought the way their hands had been positioned was a significant sign.

We moved to our third meeting point and this was the most active by far. Dowsing rod experiments were very good and proved conclusive later on in the evening. Footsteps were heard around the ruins and the groups split into smaller groups. Duncan was working with some guests with the dowsing rods and they connected to a male relative. We then used our new Ovilus piece of equipment and this had excellent results for this particular family and confirmed names and gave a message.

On our way back to the car park as we walked a pathway we picked up on a female spirit called Maria who had been chased through the woods. It was difficult to communicate as she was frantic and we needed more time to investigate fully.

We closed down and although a good evening not as active as our normal events but we are looking forward to trying again as the woods are steeped in history and we are aware of paranormal and witchcraft activity.


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