Our first Borley Rectory visit

25/05/2010 – This was our first visit as a team to Borley Rectory, although others had experienced it before. Weather conditions were good, air was still, not a cloud in the sky; a perfect night for ghost hunting. We arrived at the site at approximately 8PM and walked around the church and the surrounding area. So far there was nothing out of the ordinary.

We then looked for somewhere to eat and drink. We come across the Cock & Bell. Their service and food is excellent and we highly recommend this as a place to eat and drink, for a varied menu and a reasonable price.

We then returned to Borley at approximately 11:30PM, the first strange thing happened as we approached Borley. As we came to the crossroads Russell stopped the car, when asked why he was stopping the car, he simply said he saw a car coming. But there was no car, although Simon also saw the lights. We observed Borley church until approximately 2AM, a few noises were heard and shadows seen in the bushes; remember this was a clear night and with a bright moon. Russell witnessed an apparition of a little boy hiding behind a grave stone.

As we drove off at about 2:15AM we decided to circle round the country roads. As we passed Borley a loud banging noise was heard against the side of the car, at first we thought we had hit something, but on inspection of the car, not a mark was found and nothing in the road had been run over. Then as we drove off an orb was clearly visible in the car. When we returned to the main road, all was back to normal.

Where to find the Cock & Bell

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