Our first All Saints Church Ulting visit

18/04/2012 – After researching about churches near Maldon, Essex we came across All Saints Church in Ulting, about 4 miles from Maldon. The church is situated next to the River Chelmer in a remote area. The church has two graveyards one where the church is, and another about 100 meters away.

We went to visit the church in the daylight to familiarise ourselves with the surroundings. Both Simon and Russ picked up a presence, but we’re unable to communicate with it. After looking around the church grounds for a little while, we went in search of a pub/restaurant. After a short drive to Maldon we came across the Queen Victoria Pub. After a very tasty meal with great service we headed back to All Saints Church.

When arriving back at the church Simon and Russ both picked up many presences again. We then used the dowsing rods to see if the presences would comunicate with us. A man came forward who needed help to find a grave of a woman, he told us that we were not in the correct area, so we moved to the other graveyard. After searching around whilst asking him if he thinks we were at the correct grave, we then found the woman’s grave for him. He then didn’t require our help anymore.

We then headed back to the church and sat inside the porch where we used the dowsing rods again to see if any spirits would step forward, we picked up a woman who only stayed a short while. Ryan also used the dowsing rods for the first time, and picked up the same spirit as before.

If anyone knows how people used to travel to the church, if it was by boat, please let us know. Also if there was a bridge there as well.

When reviewing our footage we noticed that a lot of it was corrupted. We managed to recover some and have made a video with that. We have invested in a new memory card, so hopefully no errors occur in the future.

Where to find the Queen Victoria

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