October 18th Harwich Redoubt Fort

Our guests all arrived by 9pm for the main event. Ryan, Adam, Joe and Sally set up the cameras and got the equipment ready while Russell and Simon walked the around the fort looking for active areas.

The Team walked our guests around the fort whilst the lights were on making sure they were comfortable with the rooms and layout of the area.

Ryan then split the guests into two groups and the investigations started.

Simon’s group

We started in the boat room. Simon and Sally immediately picked up on a female presence joining us and as soon as we laid our hands on the boat a loud bang was heard from within the boat. Most of our group experienced coldness and one of our new guests Duncan was really beginning to feel cold and uncomfortable but carried on. Jack also captured an orb on his camera and was feeling a lot of activity. Coram was using his pendulum and picked up on this woman and he confirmed movement at the back of the room. Our group was lucky to have Shelley another medium present with us and now she was picking up on this woman in the boat room, and eventually got the name of Mrs Stokes who we have previously met at the fort in the same room. Simon’s hands were make a rubbing motion and Shelley confirmed the lady with us was making pastry. In a small room off the boat room, Simon and Duncan picked up on a male spirit who was making people feel cold and a couple of guests were becoming uncomfortable. Simon’s face was hurting and a few of the group were experiencing stomach pains. Simon finally managed to pick up on the name of David Aspinall who had been killed by a group of men whilst building or reconstruction took place of the fort; we are trying to get this confirmed. David was also shot in the stomach at some point during his life. Back in the boat room Shelley was confirming with Mrs Stokes a name of Laurence and that she had been married twice. Jack was also picking up strong signals and the EMF readers were the strongest we have ever seen at the fort and were answering questions constantly. Simon’s group spent a lot of time in this room as there was so much activity.

During our time in the boat room we recorded segment of our investigation. Listen below.

After a short break we went into another room and Simon and Shelley immediately picked up on the spirit of a young girl called Annie who again Simon has met before. Coram again confirmed by the pendulum and movement on the EMF’s were confirmed. Jack and Duncan were both looking up the stair well and both run as they heard noises and both had seen a shadow walking across the stairs. Annie was very strong in the room and her dog was again running at the back of the room. After about fifteen minutes there was three knocks at the door, we thought this was somebody from the other group. There was nobody at the door, but Shelley confirmed that we had been joined by a spirit boy called Peter who used to play with Annie in this room. We managed to persuade both children to hold hand with members of the group. Many members of the group experienced feeling their hands going cold or being gripped. We went back to this room later on in the evening and although not as strong, Annie was still present and Jo one of our guests heard a definite ‘yes’ in response to one of Simon’s questions.

We then visited the moat area. Shelley picked up on a witch being hung and we managed to locate the place where we thought this may have happened. Some of the group picked up on the pregnant woman being pushed off the top of the building and a man running from the scene. We moved back to the doorway and Ryan set up the grid laser. Simon tried to coax the man to run through the beams but instead the grid laser fell over ( it was not a windy night but we cannot discount that it fell due to not being set securely).

We carried out further investigations in the cell area and although a couple of noises were heard and orbs were seen, nothing conclusive.

Simon was called to the spirit board which spelt out a nasty message for one of our guests and Simon decided that we should move the board to another room.

Simon feels that this was the most active night at Harwich and really good evidence via EMF readings, dowsing and pendulum activity.

A brilliant night at the Fort.

Russell’s group

As we went into the first room I picked up on a gentleman that was with us and I asked him to step forward; which he did and started to answer my questions. After asking a few questions it become clear that it was a family member of one of the group. Joe took a group to the stairs where movement was heard. The group decided to use dowsing rods to talk to him and the temperature gun went from 16 degrees to 100 for a split second, this is a significant movement for a temperature gun.

We moved to the second room where we held a séance. A few hands were lifted up into the air, a few people also felt pushing in the back and others said that they felt an energy flowing around the group.

After the break we moved to the boat room where a few spirits were walking around us. I decided to split the group into two, each took a small room to the left and right of the boat room. Joe’s group were talking to a gentlemen through the dowsing rods who had naval connection and was connected to a boat called the Winchester (the bell is located in the main boat room). In the other group people were reporting the they heard the keys on the keyboard being tapped. We then moved to the moat area where I asked the ladies of the group if they would move around the moat alone. As they walked around I told the guys in the group that a pregnant lady jumped and died and some female guests often experience stomach pains around this area. When the female group returned, one of them did report stomach pains.

We moved to another room where we held a spirit board experiment and as per usual I was told to leave, so I asked Simon to swap groups. I headed to the cells and walked to the end cell, which is where everybody heads for (it’s normally the most active). A female member of the group was experiencing a spirit getting very close and was struggling to keep him at bay. With thanks to Shelley, her friend and myself we kicked it back, I believe this spirit hid in the cell in the 50/60s to hide from the police for killing a woman.

We throughly enjoyed our time at Harwich Redoubt Fort and we hope all of our guests did too! We are looking forward to returning next year. View our ghost hunting events.


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