Night at Borley Rectory

06/04/2012 – We had been waiting for this visit for a long time, as our medium, Brad, was able to come along. As we normally do, we visit the site in the daylight. When crossing the bridge near Borley, Brad felt something abnormal.

Once we arrived at the church yard, we took a walk around the church. Brad was drawn to the rear of the church, whilst Russell and Simon were both drawn to the church tower. Brad was receiving a vision of a person in a long white dress, whilst Russell was yet again, receiving the name Rose.

After a wonder around the church, we went along the path to right of the church grounds. Russell, Simon and Brad all heard music within the church. It was at this point Ryan saw a flash of light in the corner of his eye, in the direction of the left rear corner of the church. Brad also witnessed an orb around that area. Whilst this was happening Russell was receiving ‘help’ and felt drawn to the bushes between two fields. Brad felt a huge amount of activity around this area and the rear of the church. We headed to the car park, where we took some photos. Both Simon and Brad witnessed a shadow move across the right of the church grounds, then Brad saw it move back to the left.

After a meal at the Cock & Bell, we headed back to Borley. After Brad previously felt something abnormal, he and Adam walked across the bridge. However, the presence wasn’t strong enough. When arriving back at the church, we asked if the presence could make themselves known, by either touching or making a noise. At the rear of the church we used the EMF detector to ask the presence questions. We asked various questions, which unfortunately cannot be seen in the video as all footage (which was taken at the rear of the church) has corrupted. We cannot confirm whether this was due to the spiritual presence or purely the camera malfunctioning. We have never had any issues with our equipment before.

Both Simon and Russell, witnessed the same dark shadow at right corner of the church grounds. Russell was also receiving ‘murder’ in a aggressive tone. Once we left the church ground, nobody felt a presence. Throughout the time we were there Brad only felt good presence and felt about 10 spirits with us at all times. Please take a look at the photos below, where orbs can be seen clearly.

We look forward to carry out another investigation sometime in the summer.


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