Little Baddow daytime investigation

  • Category: Visits
  • Date: 03/06/2012

Simon, Russell and Ryan visited St Mary the Virgin church in Little Baddow. Only Ryan had done any research on the area. Upon arrival Simon immediately picked up on people marching in the church and the surrounding area and road. Simon picked up on a name Jack and he was leading people at this stage Russell was not picking up any messages. Simon then asked where they were going he was advised London and it was Jack Straw leading the people and marching them towards London. Russell then advised he had left his crystals in the car we went to the car and then returned to the side of the church.

Russell immediately picked up a presence and Simon immediately picked up on the name Grace and had a feeling of being strangled and then communicated with a girl called Grace who was sad and had been in an accident. Simon continued to ask questions and confirmed she was not buried at the church and the accident had happened by a bridge. Simon then asked if she had any messages she wanted us to visit the bridge as she felt she had been forgotten. As we did not know where this was Simon asked Grace where this was and she advised us to go to Grace Lane.

We then managed to find Grace Lane and Grace walk we walked down to the bridge, Simon did not receive any further messages, but Russell asked for guidance and was told we were at the correct bridge, although when Grace was there white railings were on either side of the bridge, both Simon and Russell had seen and been looking for these railings that have obviously since been removed from the original bridge. We all thanked Grace for guiding us. As we were leaving the bridge and walking along the pathway both Russell and Simon saw a black shadow cross the pathway.

Since our return home and researched Little Baddow we have discovered that Jack Straw led the peasants revolt into London from Great and Little Baddow. There is not much information on Grace but reports have confirmed our findings from the investigation.


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