Kelvedon Bunker Ghost Hunt 26th April - Top Floor

On the 26th April 2014 we ran a ghost hunting event at The Secret Nuclear Bunker Kelvedon Hatch. This was our first time splitting the group into three, with each group moving to different levels of the bunker where our team members were stationed for the night.

Read Simon’s experience at the bunker – the middle floor.

Read Ryan’s experience at the bunker – the bottom floor.

The team were lead by Russ and Joe who were based on the top floor. The top floor consists of the cafeteria, male dormitory, sick bay and operating room.

We performed all séances within the dormitory and sick bay area.

Group One
As the group walked into the first area a female guest on our group picked up on a presence of a gentleman who was very aggravated and wanted to get his message across. Unfortunately we struggled to get a strong link with him. After some time in this area we decided to move to the end of the dorm room which we all stood around the end bunk and all placed our hands lightly on the bed and asked for any movement. The female guest said she still felt the presence. Joe (group helper) picked up the name Tom who he believed was linked with the RAF; this was also thought by the guest he first felt him. The most interesting thing with Tom was still to come when he popped back to see us later on in the night (sleep over people would know).
We decided to move on into the sick bay area where we performed a séance. During this experiment a few hands moved and a some guests were pushed in the back. We moved into the bathroom area where three female spirits stepped forward, all of which didn’t like men. We left the female guests and helper in this area to see if anything happened. Reports came back that they felt relaxed when the men left the room. We moved on to the end dorm where we heard a few taps and noises.

Group Two
We started off with the same plan as the first group. As we stood around the bed in the dorm area, I felt the energy was a bit flat. A guest heard a whistle, which promoted us to head to the sick bay.
As we started the séance, Russ felt three energies join the group; one of them took a liking to a guest. The spirit stood directly behind him. As the energy grew a few people were swaying, hands moving. Russ then asked to push someone in the back and a guest hit the floor. Upon viewing the CCTV footage (to be uploaded shortly) there were a few orbs showing behind the guest who was pushed. When we all stood back up people were still getting pushed and hands were listing in the air. Whilst this was happening Russ was getting told (by spirit) that, the gentleman who was pushed to the floor, wanted to shake his hand.
After Russ closed the séance down he asked the guest if he would shake his hand he said yes and he felt something take his hand and move it up and down!

Group Three
Once again not too much happened within the dormitory room apart from a few knocks and sounds. We moved into the sick bay to start the séance. As the energies were building, Russ was asking for hands to be raised, which a few did. After asking for pushes in the back, a female guest felt a big push. She could not believe it! The whole group were pushed into a big huddle in the middle of the room.

Read Simon’s experience at the bunker – the middle floor.

Read Ryan’s experience at the bunker – the bottom floor.


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