Kelvedon Bunker Ghost Hunt 26th April - Middle Floor

On the 26th April 2014 we ran a ghost hunting event at The Secret Nuclear Bunker Kelvedon Hatch. This was our first time splitting the group into three, with each group moving to different levels of the bunker where our team members were stationed for the night.

Read Russ’s experience at the bunker – the top floor.

Read Ryan’s experience at the bunker – the bottom floor.

The team were lead by Simon and Sandra who were based on the middle floor. The middle level of the bunker would have housed representative of every level of Government and Regional Government.

Group One
Simon and Sandra conducted all the spirit board communications. Simon opened the board and both Sandra and Simon called spirit forward to communicate. The first person that came through was a child called Ayay and whilst the group firstly thought that this could not be a name the message and spelling were so consistent Simon stepped away from the board to seek confirmation. Simon established this was a child presence and was there before the bunker existed possibly Roman times, this information will be further researched. On numerous occasions the group heard footsteps, faint talking and tapping noises. Simon cleared the board and we asked for further communication, once again Ayay returned and Sandra asked if her mother was present confirmation was given. Before we left the area further footsteps were heard and many guests experienced feeling really hot. We decided to move the board and Simon immediately picked up on a Colonel standing by a filing cabinet and looking over his work force there were a few EMF activities but no further messages.

Group Two
Simon and Sandra left the board in the room with the Colonel. Simon also decided to take the EMF Doll and an EMF reader. Simon opened the board but let Sandra take control of the board whilst he picked up more on the Colonel and the work force in the area. Sandra immediately received a message for one of our lady guests this was a spirit called Jacqueline who was only advising that she was our guest’s spirit guide. The guest had picked up on this female spirit earlier in the tunnel area Simon and Sandra were unaware of this. Simon reassured the guest that this was her guide and probably there for her protection. Although the guest was emotional she was able to take this and will try to start communicating. The next message came through as Hugh and he was warning us that the Colonel was becoming annoyed and that we were invading his space. Simon then communicated with the Colonel who was becoming angry so Simon decided to step across the ropes and invited a couple of guests too. Immediately the EMF doll and readers reacted and continued to do so whilst we were in his area. Simon and another guest also picked up on a woman (possibly Gwen) who was working for the Colonel. Once we returned to the board the EMF readers stopped and we continued to cross the ropes just to prove the EMF readings. By far the most active area and good board results.

Group Three
Once again Simon opened the board and although no messages came through some of our guests could feel the presence of the Colonel. The EMF readers although not as active as the previous group were intermittently going off when guests stepped over the roped area. Then the strangest experience of our night while Sandra and a guest remained at the board with their fingers gently rested on the glass the board began to lift, very slowly at first. Simon asked Sandra and the guest to move their bodies away from the board but leave their fingers resting lightly on the glass. The board continued to move up and down for a long time. All our guests saw the board and a couple were amazed by this.

For the guests that stayed overnight they also saw the board working in full flow and we’re currently trying to verify our findings.

This was by far our most active night at Kelvedon and we throughly enjoyed ourselves.

Read Russ’s experience at the bunker – the top floor.

Read Ryan’s experience at the bunker – the bottom floor.


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