Kelvedon Bunker Ghost Hunt 26th April - Bottom Floor

On the 26th April 2014 we ran a ghost hunting event at The Secret Nuclear Bunker Kelvedon Hatch. This was our first time splitting the group into three, with each group moving to different levels of the bunker where our team members were stationed for the night.

Read Russ’s experience at the bunker – the top floor.

Read Simon’s experience at the bunker – the middle floor.

The team were lead by Ryan, Duncan and Alfie, who were based on the ground floor. The ground floor consists of the tunnel (which leads to the farm cottage), the plant room, the air conditioning room and the large map (plotting) room.

The teams role within this section of the bunker is to provide and teach the guests about our equipment. The equipment that we used ranged from the simple, yet very effective dowsing rods, to the hi-tech temperature guns, EMF Meters, Mel Meters and REM Pods.

Group One

After handing out the equipment and setting up a REM pod and trigger coin objects, we decided to head to the plant room first. Previously we have found that the spirit(s) need to be goaded to receive any verification of their presence. On this occasion we found the plant room to be inactive. We then headed to the tunnel. We decided to use the dowsing rods to communicate with a spirit who Duncan connected to. A female guest, Kim, soon found herself getting responses very well through the rods and also feeling an emotional connection.

We found out that this spirt was Stan’s (a spirit who we had previously connected to) wife. She preferred speaking to female guests and was especially connected to Kim. We learnt that Stan’s wife was called Jacqueline. After a lengthy conversation with Jacqueline we decided to move on, she insisted that she would stay with Kim throughout the night.
A few guests also heard a knock/tapping

We decided to move on to the communications area, where the BBC Radio studio is located. We were still receiving answers and messages from Jacqueline.
When we returned to the map room, where we had based our equipment and REM Pod, we all witnessed the REM pod going off whilst nobody was in the area.

Group Two & Three
We performed the same procedure with group two, by placing a REM pod down and a few coin trigger objects within the map room. We then proceeded to our first location, which was the
Within the tunnel area, the group were getting great activity on the dowsing rods, it too was Jacqueline. At this time we also picked up on another spirit through the rods, her name was Rose. Duncan communicated with her and it was thought that Stan was having and affair with Rose.

Read Russ’s experience at the bunker – the top floor.

Read Simon’s experience at the bunker – the middle floor.

Photo attribution: Draco2008


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