Hockley Woods 31st May

This was our second public event at Hockley Woods and the team led the guests to our first meeting point. The group split into two smaller groups Russell and Ryan took one of the guests for some dowsing experiments and then the group split into two. Simon, Duncan and Sandra led the group at the ruins of an old weapons store. Simon picked up on the Granddad of one of our guests and he was communicating and some good information came through. In this area we had some good results with the dowsing rods and EMF readings were constant. A disruptive spirit then joined us with a group of women spirits working all around us we all noticed that it had become colder and footsteps were heard on too many occasions to be coincidence. This continued for some time before we decided to move onto our next area.

Russell and Ryan’s group headed to a nearby bridge with a group of guests. Russell was advised, by spirit, to not cross the bridge. One by one the group crossed the bridge, however, we didn’t experience any further communication with this spirit.

The group moved onto a wooded area and we tried to perform a séance but this proved very inactive.

Our final stop was the circus/freak show are,a immediately Simon managed to pick up on their presence and we had a lot of EMF activity. Duncan picked up on the residence spirit he knows and connecting but he would not connect with the other guests for some reason.

We moved on to try a further vigil and séance but again there was not much activity and we decided to wrap up the proceedings.

We have suspended to ghost hunt events in Hockley Woods for a while due to inactivity we have experienced on our past couple of visits but hope to carry out further reviews and re-start events early next year.


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