Harwich Redoubt Fort - Séances

On the 2nd August 2014 we ran a ghost hunting event at Harwich Redoubt Fort.

Account of Russ who lead the séances at the top of the fort.

Group 1 (Russ & Joe)

Before we started, we were joined by two soldiers called Peter and Tim who both liked a bit of fun, this is great for a séance. Some of the group members started to complain that they had an odd feeling in their right leg below the knee, including myself. I discovered that Tim was missing his leg below the right knee. Joe confirmed this. Peter was a ladies man and made himself known to ladies in the group. He was leaning on one of the girls shoulders making her lean to one side without her knowing. Tim liked a smoke and befriended a group member that smoked. When the séance started Peter and Tim joined us and started to push and pull a few members of the group. A few hands were lifted and ladies in the group felt bums being touched and hair being stroked thanks Peter who had a hair fetish.

Group 2 (Russ & Ryan)

Once again we were joined by Peter and Tim and they didn’t let us down. We had a few hands push and pulled and Peter was touching the ladies bums again. This time we moved around to the other side of the fort where we where joined by two nurses that had healing powers. As they moved around the circle they where sending healing, we a few people pushed and pull and hands lifted. I do believe that we also had one gentleman pushed to the floor and his nose touch the floor. One member of the group become very light legged and started to be pushed backwards. Therefore, we all moved around back to where we started and began our table tipping experiment. We had a few spirits join us around the table, we all felt a few taps and believe the table slightly moved.

Group 3 (Russ & Ryan)

Our last group of the night was probably the most active. We started off in the same place as we have done for the last 2 groups, Peter and Tim was with us once again. This time they had some fun as most of the male members of the group were pushed to the floor. I was communicating with Tim and Peter who were laughing their heads off. One member of the group even felt their tabaco being moved in his pocket. I believe that this was Tim trying for a quick smoke. We once again moved around to the other side where the two nurses were waiting for us. They picked on two nurses in the group who needed healing We decided to try a different experiment, I partnered everyone up in twos, put them back to back muddled them up and then ask spirit to push them back to their partners. Two out of four couple were pushed back to their correct partners. We moved on to table tipping, unfortunately it wasn’t as active as group two.


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