Harwich Redoubt Fort Ghost Hunting Event

Harwich Redoubt Fort Ghost Hunting Event 11th May 2013

The Team arrived at 7pm and walk around the fort. Simon picked up on activity in some of the rooms and this is where we placed the cameras. Banging noises and whistling were witnessed on our initial walk around.

9pm the groups were spilt and the investigation began.

Simon’s Group

Simon’s group investigated the cells firstly and picked up on a few noises and orbs. Simon picked up on a soldier he was foreign but never revealed his country of origin or identity. Simon also picked up on an entity that was crawling from cell one to cell three and he was heavily chained. Loud shuffling noises were heard later on in the evening and were witnessed by people from both of the groups.

After an hour in the cells Simon’s team moved into the next area and Simon immediately picked up on a small girl in this room and a small dog. Moaning was heard and barking could be heard. We had amazing results using the EMF readers and appeared to be communicating with the little girl. One of the group (Corum) managed to communicate with the girl using a pendulum whilst communicating we managed to ascertain that this was wartime and the girl was familiar with both the names of Winston Churchill and Hitler. Joe another investigator felt something brushing against his leg this could have been the dog or the girl. The girl gave her name as Anne or Annie and we also got a name for the dog but Simon wants to confirm on his next visit. The EMF readings were the best results we have ever achieved, this was a very active room.

In the next room again the EMF readers were giving readings and also a lot of responses to tapping out. As we were tapping out one of the group was monitoring on the cameras and reported seeing orbs around the doorway. Simon picked up on presences that were either trying to hide the dog or this is where the dog stayed. Dowsing rods were used in this room and again good results another very active room.

We moved to the next room and Simon picked up on an aggressive spirit in this room there had been some sort of fight and a person was killed. Noises were heard in the corridor that led around to the main room. It appeared to go quiet but there were things to come later on in the evening.

We then moved into the moat area and Simon picked up on a pregnant woman called Eva or Emma. Corum was drawn to the top of the moat area and Simon confirmed that there was a happening involving the young woman. As we were concluding our investigations Simon and a few of the group saw a figure walking near the entrance and then walking away. We thought that this was another group member but on further investigation the remaining group member had not come outside.

In the Boat room once again the group picked up on noises and Simon immediately picked up on male presences. The boat appeared to be rocking and people complained of feeling sick. Wendy had joined us and then Simon picked up on a woman searching for someone and got a name. Wendy led us to some medals in a glass case and Simon confirmed this woman was looking for her husband and wanted the medals and decorations moved. The investigation was really picking up in this room but then a call was received for Simon to come to the previous room, as he was needed on the spirit board. Simon wants to take a team back to the Boat room on his next visit.

Russell’s Group

The stairs adjacent to the first room we had EMF activity. Within the main room area we used dowsing rods to communicate to the spirit present. A lady also felt pins and needles in her left hand as if she had slept on it.

We then moved into the soldier’s quarters. Within here Russell picked up on men who were trying to hide something from a major person. They were also lazing in their bed and they didn’t like people sitting on them. The group sat on the beds asking for any spirits present to make a noise or touch them. One member felt uncomfortable whilst sitting on the bed.

Within the boat room the group lightly placed their finger on the boat, shortly after most of the group felt that the boat was rocking as if it was sailing. Russ felt very sea sick whilst touching the boat. Whilst this was happening a group member had K-II (EMF) meter flag up to red for 10 seconds. We were not near high-powered cable. Later on this happened again. Russ was communicating with an ex-sailor of the boat.

A group member asked if Russ had a name of Mr Stokes, he confirmed he did. We then used the dowsing rods to communicate with him; Mr Stokes was a captain of a ship. Stokes also pointed to the position of where he was standing, by the door. There was a cabinet in the room with information about Stokes.

We later discovered that Simon’s group had picked up on Mrs Stokes, his wife.

In the cells we went straight to the end cell where we had previously had fantastic experience. The group was spread out and Russell had asked to any spirit to step forward. He then said that there was an intimidating male who was circling the group going face-to-face with each member. A member of the group felt this instantly and felt very uneasy. She walked toward Russ and then she felt someone grab her as if to pull her back and turn her around. The lady stepped out of the room. This male presence continued to this. A few members of the group briefly heard shuffling/footsteps along the corridor.

We then headed off to carry out a spirit board. Five people had their fingers on the glass, almost straight away a spirit was instructing Russ to f**k off. The aggressive spirit was gave us a few odd names and then they gave us the name of “Tranny”. Russell stared to ask the spirit questions by the name of Tranny. The spirit was then getting very annoyed and instructing Russ to go and also counting him down to leave. The spirit then asked for Simon to come. We radioed over to Simon to come immediately.

The whole group was now in the room and an aggressive spirit did not want Russell on the board and was swearing and getting really abusive. Simon took over the board and cleared this but the presence returned. What was about to happen we cannot publish in full but I will guide you through. Simon immediately lost feeling in his left hand, an experience felt by a few of the group. Simon got names and established that a hand had been severed in a fight and a person was killed. With the names that Simon was given, it upset a member using the board and they had to leave. It was confirmed that this person could take all names and everything that was given on the board. We concluded our investigations.

This was a wonderful evening and by far Simon’s most active and a lot of evidence and happenings. Simon will be carrying out another investigation at the Fort shortly.

We thank everybody who attended and we hope you enjoyed the night as much as we did. We look forward to meeting everybody again.

We are currently working our way through the footage and hope to have this published within a fortnight. (Already amazing orbs seen.)


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