Harwich Redoubt Fort - Callouts

On the 2nd August 2014 we ran a ghost hunting event at Harwich Redoubt Fort.
Group 1 Simon and Corum – Fryatt Room

Simon and Corum called for any spirits to come forward. The investigation started slowly but the spirit of Annie and school children came forward and the K2’s began to give solid and constant EMF readings. Dowsing rod experiments were giving good results – Simon also picked up on one of the guests Mum being present and standing behind her and a little boy standing with another guest. Corum felt the presence of a nasty male spirit standing by the stairs scaring the school children. This time there was the spirit of a teacher with the children.

Group 2 Simon, Corum and Joe – Fryatt Room
This was immediate the World War 2 were waiting and immediately starting EMF activity and the dog Oscar was also presence and many guests either felt the children’s hands or Oscar brushing by them – One of the guests took some pictures and has caught a shadow standing in the corner although this could be a reflection it seems a strange coincidence that this is where both Simon, Joe and Corum knew she was standing there. Cold spots were felt and strange feelings were also recorded. The group moved onto two different rooms, tapping noises and the door tapping and opening strangely were recorded. No EMF recordings in either of these rooms but when returning to the Fryatt room the K2 meters started to go frantic again. Really good evidence in the Fryatt room.

Photos taken by Mark:


Group 3 Simon and Corum – Fryatt Room
This was a bit slower although we were still getting a lot of EMF readings it seemed the energies had flattened – We moved onto the next room and although a few tapping noises not much to record. One of the guests asked if they could go back into the cells Simon led the group and was soon joined by Duncan and his group – Simon began to feel ill and felt sick so Duncan carried on – Although not a lot of activity there was a noise and one of the guests found an old three penny piece on the floor this added to the earlier shilling that had been thrown at a previous group.

Photos of the coins:

Coins found at Harwich

We all joined to investigate the moat area there were a few footsteps heard and some odd feelings but nothing conclusive.

On the whole another great night at Harwich.


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