Hadleigh Castle visit

06/01/2012 – The weather conditions were very windy. We walked around the main site before going into the castle ruins itself. Russell asked if there was anybody there, if so make themselves known. A definite tapping was heard whist we was in the main castle ruins, this was heard four times before we left the ruins. Various noises were heard within the castle ruins, such as a scream and a growl. Our conclusions couldn’t be confirmed because of the strong winds.

Ryan’s mobile phone kept turning off whilst he still had 35% battery remaining. When we returned to the car his phone worked normally.

However, it looks like we have snapped something on camera. Take a look below, we’re not too sure of what this is.Hadleigh Castle Essex Then seconds later, very similar angle. Hadleigh Castle Essex This photo was taken at the main ruins of the castle. We found this to be our most strangest occurrence of the evening as we cannot explain the unusual object in this photo. Hadleigh Castle Essex


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