Fort Horsted Ghost Hunt

Fort Horsted visit 19th July 2013
We were met by Paul who walked the group around the Fort and gave a presentation of the Fort and its history.

Russell’s group
As we started our walk to the first site where we were going to investigate one member of the group, said they were feeling as they were skipping with a little girl and as we approached the tunnel entrance the little girl would not come with us, and stayed outside.

We started calling out in the tunnels I picked up on a man called Davey Coleman who worked there and spent a lot of time on his knees and pushing a wheelbarrow. We heard a few noises as if stones where being moved about but not conclusive. Then a member of the group said they felt like their hand was being shaken so I asked Davey to lead us to where he wanted us to go. He took us through the tunnel all the way to the top of the fort. I decided to hold a séance on top of the fort, where hands were moved and one member of the group got pushed in the back.

We moved on to next part of the fort it was magazine 25 and we picked up on a gentlemen who needed to be forgiven, we asked the women to stand in a circle and asked for any contact but not much happened other than a few of the ladies feeling sick and emotional. We moved down to the far end of the fort. I believed that this could be a cell area, as two members of the group picked up on a man who was hiding and crouching in the corner. When we started to call out we heard tapings and growling noise, one growling noise was so clear that me and Adam (who never hears anything) thought it was each other’s stomach rumbling, but we confirmed it was not anyone in the room! As we headed back for a short break when leaving the room we heard footsteps coming up the stairs, as I shined my torch down the stairs, I saw a small dog running up the stairs which made me jump around like I was doing the river dance, which made the group burst out laughing!

After the short break I decided to take my group to the far point of the fort to the gallery area and we took the spirit board with us. After a long walk down then up the stairs we headed to the far left room, where one of the members asked if they could use their own equipment and they used a spirit box which gave us some interesting feedback. The spirit told us his name which was Morris, and we believed he said my name as well (Russell) and some of the other things he said was for the group ears only. We moved on to the next room and carried out spirit board investigations. The investigation did not start well as the person who came through was messing about. Then we had a little girl come through and we had a good conversation with her.

We re-visited the cell room for the last 45 minutes of the night but not much really happened just a few tapping sounds.

Overall a good night, and I look forward to running another investigation there next year.

Simon’s group

On our initial walk around myself, Joe and Wendy all started to smell a sweet fragrance. I believe this was candyfloss as I was joined by a small child. I led my group to the end of the tunnel and children joined us; they started holding our hands and we managed to get them to tell us if they were boys or girls by pulling or moving our hands. I got a name of Ann or Annie and she was about four years old.

We heard noises in the tunnels and I was joined by two male spirits one was happy for us to be there and communicate but the other was angry and did not want us in the fort. We all went to what Russ is calling the cell room. I started to call out and we sat down listening and we heard strange groaning noises the dowsing rods were responding well and Corum had a lot of movement on his pendulum confirming a massive spirit presence. I got the name of Charles and he was from Borstal prison and was brought to the fort daily to help construct it. He gave me the year of 1881-2 and his balding and did not have many teeth. His friend was called Eddie and he did not want us there. The group were amused at the names of Charles and Eddie! As I started to call for Eddie to join us a stone was thrown towards Joe and a strange groaning noise was heard it sounded like a stomach rumbling. Russell’s group who heard similar noises later in the evening confirmed this. The group took a short break.

I led the group to the tunnel area as I walked in I saw a dog running out I was convinced and other members of the group also witnessed this. We called out in one of the rooms and once again stones were thrown along with plastic and a lot of tapping noises throughout. The room was so active and one of the female guests had to be taken out as she felt very apprehensive. We moved into the corridor and I picked on a military person who was looking for the dog. Ella heard the noise of a lead. I further picked up on the military person had being blinded either at the fort or in combat. We went into the next room but this room was depressive and something was aggravated in this room. We left this room and made our way to another part of the fort.

The group went to an upstairs room I picked up on a woman being raped and strangled in this room and before I advised the group Ella had a choking fit complaining she could not breathe. Sally also picked up on the same lady and had the same feeling. The room went very cold. We left the female members of the group in the room on their own but nothing further happened.

Our final investigation led us down the stairs to where the other group had assembled once they had finished their investigations we started our spirit board investigations. We received three very clear messages for our guests the first was for Alfie who had a spirit come through called William. William left him a message. Michelle then received a message from her uncle and Joe received the final message a warning about money owed.

We tried a séance but this proved to be inconclusive as we were very short of time. However, a few hands were lifted.

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the fort is very active just wish I had more time but look forward to going back. Thank you to everybody who attended the event, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we all did. We look forward to welcoming you again.


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