Fort Amherst – Séance

On the 19th July 2014 we ran our first ghost hunt at Fort Amherst. The team members were allocated their roles, séance, equipment and spirt board.

Read Simon & Sandra’s report of their spirit board and callout experiments.

Read Duncan & Ryan’s report of their equipment experiments.

Account of Russ who, along with Joe, were leading the séances for the evening.

Group 1: Top Room

We started off with hands on séance. A few people felt pushing in the back and unexplained sounds were heard. The temperature within the room become very hot, which there was no reason why it should have risen so quickly. After a while it began to cool down.

We began performing a sit down séance. Unfortunately not a lot of activity was experienced. A noise was heard from the window shutter, we believe someone was truing to get in. After looking out the window shutter, it was in face impossible for someone as there was a 100ft drop.

Group 2: Middle Tunnel

Once again we started off with a hands on seance, unfortunately like before not too much activity however, a few people were pushed and pulled. We were joined by a strong spirit which caused one member of the group having to leave the circle. We began calling out and we were joined by a lady on a bike who used to help out at in the fort. She was responding to our questions by tapping out her answers.

We then moved to the sit down seance this was probably our most entertaining. One member of the group felt as they were being watched by a young lad on the middle stair case, I went up there to see if I could bring him forward. As I turned back to join the group I through a ball up there. We were all shocked when it rolled back towards us after it had steadied itself.

As we were beginning to conclude our session Joe and a guest were walking back to the base room when they both turned to me and said they felt something bolt straight through them. They couldn’t explain what it was. It was later discovered from a volunteer at the fort that it wasn’t the first time someone had felt this and it is a horse bolting down the tunnel.

Group 3: War Room

As we moved into into the war room we didn’t perform a hands on séance as the room is too small. We decided to perform some calling out, which other groups have had success in here earlier on. We were joined by a nurse who was rushing around, I believe the whole group felt the busyness of the nurse. I believe the nurse had an OCD as she didn’t like thinks being touched or moved within the room.

We proceeded into the second room where we performed a sit down séance. The sit down séance was quite possibly the best of the night. We were joined by a spirit called Frank, who liked to be known as Frankie. He was strong enough to move the table with a little help from a guest, Lee. He was a very interesting spirit to communicate with and he got on well with Lee. Frankie answered all of the questions Lee had for him. Whilst this was happening two guests, Hollie and Emily, were picking up on a bad presence, who were at opposite ends of the room. With the high energy within the room we managed to push the bad presences back.


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