East Tilbury Battery

4/06/12 – After taking a look at East Tilbury Battery a few weeks ago, we thought we should carry out a full investigation of it. Access to the battery is extremely hard, it is very overgrown and has been for many years; so we choose to visit at daytime. We first took a look at the only tunnels we first found, which all lead to a dead-end to the firing points. Simon then came across a spirit, but due to the nature of what he was being told, we’d rather not publish this account of events.

After trying to find more access points to the tunnels and firing points, we came across various rooms. Within one of these rooms Simon picked up a spirit, after using the dowsing rods, we confirmed his name was Reg. Reg was a male in his 40s, who served in the Army before the first world war. He also told us that the rooms we used as living quarters and even showed us where he’s bed was positioned. Reg was communicating with Simon, he was telling him information quickly and muffled. Reg told simon the number 17, and we confirmed this was his door number; Grays was also mentioned, and we confirmed that he lived there. Reg even told simon his road name, which we won’t publish.

After a little while finding out more information about Reg, we asked him whether he could point us in the direction of more tunnels and firing points, which he kindly did. Reg was also making jokes to Simon saying that we’re stupid because there’s easier ways in. We then came across more tunnels and adjacent rooms. Inside the tunnels we found out that they lead to the firing points which still has machinery in it today. We asked Reg to make a noise for us, but unfortunately he didn’t. Once we were in the adjacent rooms, Simon felt another presence, but this time it wasn’t friendly as Reg. We used the dowsing rods to communicate with the other presence, they told us that they didn’t want us there, so we sharply left.

Once outside the tunnels Reg told Simon that if we want evidence, we would get it back in that room, but be careful the spirit isn’t nice. Reg couldn’t help us with whatever happens which he said will be nasty. We weighed up the odds and felt it was safe to go back in. We called out to make itself known to us, after waiting for about 5 minutes, both Russell and Simon felt the presence was in the room with us. Ryan filmed all around the room, Simon felt that the presence was now behind Adam and at this point Russell was warned to go. The group quickly made their way back to the entrance.

Reg was still pointing us in the direction of other buildings to inspect, but unfortunately we ran out of time. We thanked Reg for his commitment and guidance and he advised Simon that he would be there when we return to explore the rest of the battery.


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