Coalhouse Fort - November 2014

Coalhouse Fort 15th November 2014
Joe and Duncan’s Group

Group 1

Room 9 – we picked up on lady who was pregnant. We believe her name was Mary Ann, she was affecting many of the women in the group, but Mary Ann took a liking to one group member, Sarah. We believe this was because Sarah was the only one that would listen to her. At the end of the session Russ, Joe, Sam, Sarah and Sarah’s friend went back into room 9 and rejoined her with her husband called Roberto and Mary Ann was very happy that we helped her find what she was looking for!

Room 7
A very nasty man joined the group would not communicate with anyone. We believe his name was Tom. We tried to stir things up and but he stood there in the door way with arrogance.

Room 1
Duncan picked up on a family, Corporal Michael and his wife, Emily, with their two kids George aged 7 and Margaret aged 2. Joe helped the kids hold the guests hands which the majority of the group felt.

Group 2
Spirit Board
Due to the personal message that come through we will not divulge the message.

Group 3

The Group Leader picked up on two spirits Richard and David. Richard was a stranger to David so they pushed him back and David returned. He shows himself in shadow form, he returned knocking sounds and even spoke through the spirit box. Both Duncan and the guests felt him pushing and touching them.

Simon and Sandra’s Group

Group 1
Once again on the spirit board personal message come through so we will not blog this out of respect.

Group Leaders picked up on a young lady who had food poisoning but had her appendix removed in error. She was looking for her son, John who died in the war. She wanted to be reunited with him and we tried to help but could not find John but we will continue to try and help.

In the end room a female spirit called Sarah Mac who was a nurse and was looking after the children. Orbs were seen. Thomas, one of the children, enjoyed playing with the EMF meter and making the lights change colour. The majority of the children wanted to look out of the window waiting for the return of their parents.

Middle Room

Porky our EMF doll was pushed over with only 2 people in the room and they were not near him.

Russ and Ryan’s Group – helped by Lee

Group 1 Washroom
Russ picked up on a gentleman spirit called Jeremy and Lee picked up on a gentleman called Morcomak. At first Russ could not put these together, but after questioning these two gentlemen we discovered they were lovers. Morcomak beat Jeremy and treated him badly. This was confirmed by one member of the group being push in the back for yes. Group members felt really cold and some red hot at the same time. One member reported swaying. At this point a female spirit arrived who was high powered. Jeremy tried to ask her for help, but she refused. We believe Morcomak was taking a drug called Laudanum. Jeremy refused to talk to Russ, only Darren, a guest, could ask him questions which he replied to.

Group 2 Tunnels

Once again a high powered officer arrived but didn’t provide a name. He disliked women and was very rude towards female guests. We believe he killed a female and hid her in the gunpowder room. We moved to that room. We connected with that lady, who was feeling very comfortable with the female guests surrounding her. She didn’t talk to Russ and only communicated with females. We believe she shared the name Marie with a guest.


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