Cash's Well Visit

The well and the remains of the spa can be found in woodland and is a ten minute walk from the car park. The conditions were very good for the visit there was no wind and it remained dry. We were guided to the well by one of Russell’s spirit guides.

On arrival at the site Simon picked up on many presences and that this was a very busy location. Russell also picked up on spirit presences as we investigated the site. The EMF reader went off a few times during our investigations. In the well area Simon picked up on a poacher called David and his children who are constantly visiting this site. Simon confirmed that the year 1927 is when the children were at this site whilst there father was poaching in the woods. Russell channelled and we were speaking to Mr Cash the owner of the well. All Mr Cash wanted was money and that we were ok to visit in the future as long as we gave him money. This suggests that Mr Cash is grounded there or to the farm house near by and will be present at any subsequent visits.

We remained at the site for two hours and were surrounded by presences who are constantly visiting the spa and the well.

There is not too much history about this site so Simon and Russell can only be guided by information given by their spirit guides. If anybody knows of any history please contact us so we can
verify the information we are receiving.

We often run ghost hunting events at the Ruins of Cash’s Well. Come and join us!


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