Cash's Well Ghost Hunting Event - April

We welcomed some new and some returning guests to our wonderful new found venue.

On arrival Simon, Russell, Adam, Ryan and Wendy took a walk around the forest and Simon immediately picked up on a strong male spirit who started to follow us into the forest and once again Simon picked up on the grounded children in the woods. The team walked around the site and once again activity was high in this well hidden location. The team returned to our meeting point and waited for the arrival of our guests.

The hunt started at around 10pm and as the team walked into the forest to our first meeting point Simon picked up on a spirit called Jason from roughly the late fifties early sixties. He was in a blue uniform some members of the group started to feel the pain that Jason had experienced in the forest. Some members of the group complained of sharp pains in their legs, knees, chest and head regions. Simon managed to ascertain that Jason was badly beaten in this forest we will publish further details when and if we can verify certain facts. Jason was very active and moving around the forest quite rapidly, there was a lot of EMF activity and Jason was answering questions through the EMF. We found out that he was beaten because of an affair with a woman; once again we will publish more if and when we can verify. Jason has promised to be there on future visits. Some members of the group were taking photos and quite a few orbs were captured. After the first hour Simon asked Jason to back off and Russell asked Simon to bring the children forward. Simon picked up on a little boy called Tommy who was running amongst the group and with the help of one of the group picked up on Emily a small girl who was standing on the other side of the path crying. The girl was standing with her back towards the group and was being excluded and not allowed to play with the other children because of illness. Once again the group and team heard children’s voices and Emily crying. We then decided to leave this area but would return later.

We moved onto the well area and performed a séance. The séance proved inconclusive and this area appeared to be flat. The group were then invited to use the dowsing rods. Russell’s group picked up on a man playing some sort of musical instrument and performing a tune. Simon’s group picked up on three witches and both groups had some excellent results with the rods. Once again the group managed to pick up on some photographic evidence. We moved back to the well area but once again this was very quiet compared to out last visit.

We then moved to the top of the hill and picked up on bodies being buried underneath and then it really picked up. As we were standing in the group we all noticed that Russell had gone quiet Simon realised that he had channelled and had picked up on a presence called Maam Taylor roughly from the 13th century after talking to her through Russell this Ms Taylor wanted one of the women from the group for her eternal youth and was getting very annoyed when Simon advised she was not getting anyone from the group. Simon tried to bring Russell out of channelling and strangely this took rather a long time. When Russell was eventually back he collapsed to the ground and was exhausted by the whole experience.

Russell had to take a break so Simon led the group back to the forest area and immediately picked up on Emily who now could not be comforted. Wendy tried to comfort Emily and managed to calm her down. Simon and another member of the group picked up on leprosy. Simon then asked Emily to face him when she turned there was no face to this spirit child.

We then ended the night and closed down.

Wendy has completed some further research and apparently in the 13th century upon ancient burial grounds Maam’s did go in search of eternal youth and did use human sacrifice in such ways as vampires do. Wendy also found out that when a child is excluded from groups or through illness their spirit will appear faceless.

The team cannot wait for our next visit. View our upcoming events.


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