Cash's Well Ghost Hunting Event

Cash’s Well Ghost Hunt 22nd March 2013.

We arrived at the venue about hour before the event was due to start. Therefore, the team performed a walk around the site to familiarise ourselves. It was raining heavily at this time. As we were walking back to the meeting point Simon picked up a presence that was following us around; Simon believed that the presence did not want us to be there.

The event started around 10.20pm as we started our journey into woods and to the ruins, Simon still had the presence with him and at this moment Simon realised that it was the spirit of Edwin Cash who was following us. Russ called Cash’s water S*@t, which upset Mr Cash and Simon was informed (by spirit) that Russ should stop disrespecting his water. At this point Mr Cash stepped back. We decided to stop the group half way to the ruins and have a call out and ask a spirit to step forward. At this point we believe that we had a poacher and his children step forward. Russ and one member of the group (Sarah), both felt like we was going to fall so we came to the conclusion that the presence spent a lot of their time in the trees, looking around and hunting. One group member started to have her bag pulled and she felt like her bottom was being touched, which we believed to be the son of the poacher who was just playing a game. Some members of the group saw a few shadows, lights and sounds.
A member of the group (Rob) also picked up on a hanging (murder) in a different part of the woods. Simon confirmed that he also felt this on a previous visit.

As we moved to the site of the ruins Mr Cash again made himself known to Simon. After Ryan gave the group a chat about the history of the well we made our way into the shell of the ruins. At this point Mr Cash was still not happy with Russ. The group then performed a séance around the well. Mr Cash was present at this time. Russ asked him to lift any members of the group hands in the air. As requested Mr Cash managed to move a few members of the group hands and some were raised into the air, and some members where even pushed from side to side. Few of group was also saying they felt very cold an felt there hands had gone numb. We also had some of the group saying they saw something moving around outside the well other than Adam outside. Mr Cash was asking for payment for using his well so Adam paid him by throwing some money down the well.

After a short break the group moved to a different area of the ruins, we got the group to use the dowsing rods to ask questions we believed that we was speaking to the poacher again. Half through the questioning Rob witnessed a detailed apparition move out from the well area. Rob said he looked like he had a torch with him. Adam and Ryan performed a head count to see if anyone had wandered off but everyone was there. Just after that both Simon and Russ both picked up on a presence come in from the top area of the ruins, we were both warned be careful about that area.

We all moved up to the area as to whether we could hear or see, after a few questions Russ picked up on a number of people moving in around us from all directions. Some members of the group reported feeling claustrophobic. Simon picked up on a form of worship. Rob believed that it felt like the place people met. We then began to hear strange noises coming from all around us, but then the noises where distinctively coming form well. It sounded as if something was being thrown down the well. At this point some off the group started to feel uneasy, so at this point we decided to call it a night and made our way back.

We really look forward to going back as we had clearly witnessed paranormal activity.

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