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  • Date: 18/09/2018

Cash's Well Investigation.


We met in the normal spot for this one but something seemed different. Henry was on holiday but also Lauren and Fiona had been struck down ill. Kim did not feel to great but still made it and Mark was not too sure he wanted to do the night. Nothing was really thought of it at the time. Sometimes these things just happen. However the team was weakened and we now feel for a reason. We were fortunate enough that Simon, who was not meant to be there due to personal commitments, actually made it. Just as well.


So into the woods we went. First stop was the normal entrance. Mark picked up on a female who was showing him an arm injury. 


Immediately on entering the woods, Kim felt uneasy. She could feel a male presence behind her who felt intimidating. The females in the group felt the same with one member feeling pregnancy related feelings. She could feel pain in her lower abdomen and pain to her neck and throat. This has been felt before in relation to the spirit Sarah who was been felt by many guests before. Sarahs story relates to a murder when she was pregnant. She now wanders the wood looking for her baby. 


The girls in the group walked off to investigate further.


Sandra was feeling a male presence in the bushes and trees and Kim and the guests picked up on the feeling of being surrounded. One guest said that she felt like she needed to put her arms around Sandra to protect her. The male began to affect the EMF meters so Kim brought out the spirit box. The energy kept spiking and the words ‘blood’ ‘baby’ and ‘remain’ came through. We thought that this may be in relation to Sarah but the male spirit was dominating the area.


Once the group tried to move on, they could see a mist and dark figure ahead on the path. This was lit up by torchlight to see if the surrounding trees were causing this but the figure was there again later and seemed to move away into the bushes. This was seen by all of the girls. 


The group then decided to walk towards the figure but Sandra had a warning from her spirit guide to go no further without the boys.


While this was happening, the boys were still at the gate to the woods. 


Back at the gate, Mark then picked up on a large group marching through the wood. This group stopped for a moment but then continued to march on through the group. He could see row upon row of people marching past. Continuing to tune into this he felt there was a purpose for them to be in the woods. They were not from the wood but went into the woods daily for a reason. He then picked up on a camp the other side of the hedgerow. Russ confirmed that there was a know encampment a short distance away but not as close as Mark was seeing it. Mark then felt a roman feel to the people he had seen. He felt as if the camp on the other side was some kind of reception where soldiers dearmoured and then went off into the woods. He then picked up on that there was a spa within the woods and that this was the soldier’s downtime, where they relaxed. He sensed this was very early in the occupation of England and that soldiers stopped here on their way to battle during the roman invasion of England to relax eat and drink. It all seemed a very relaxed and social affair and while the soldier's relaxed they had their armour cleaned and maintained for them.


We then moved further into the woods and joined the girls. Mark sense that the females were being refered to as the witches and was being told in a sarcastic way “oh look out, it's the witches”.


We then continued through the woods. We then stopped at our second location and were joined by the children, who were brought into the woods from the old tuberculosis hospital. Several of the team and guests experienced children being with them.


We then moved up a little where we invited another regular, Jason. He came through but several members of the team felt other spirits surrounding us, which stopped Jason full coming through.


We then made our way up to the well. The team still felt an uneasy presence around us and we attempted a vigil. During this Mark was positioned outside to keep the spirit presence at bay. However the seance was moved into the well itself.


Once in the well Sandra was being pushed into the well and had to push the spirit back. Simon was then told to move everyone so that they faced outwards. With some logistical madness this was done but was still not right. We then moved all but 2 people back to be facing inward. Mark then saw a gate had been formed. Simon asked if the gate should be opened and Mark said that it should not be. Simon then asked for people to look out in teams of 3 but Russ stopped this due to the uneasy feeling throughout the night. The team was not sure why the feeling was there and could not work it out.


We then called time on the evening and walked back to the cars. 


In all this night was a very challenging one for the team, with it being weakened by having team members ill and not attending or the ones there not feeling their best but was a good night all the same and we hope the guest's had a great time too, with some good regular evidence and new evidence too.


We would like to thank all our guests for joining us on this night and look forward to seeing you all on another event.


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