Cash's Well 6th June - Private Event

Thanks to Sarah who booked this event for family and friends.

The group met at 8pm and carried out an initial walk around. Simon and Sandra picked up on Jason our resident spirit walking down to the Well. As we walked towards the log Simon was drawn towards something on the ground he found a blue child’s bunny (this was a long way off the main path and not where a child could have dropped it will be explained later in the blog). Our initial investigations suggested a lot activity and we returned to meet our guests.

Our guests arrived and we met Sarah who had organised a group of family and friends to attend the event. Russell opened the investigation and we walked down towards the Well. As we walked into the forest Simon, Joe, Sandra and some of the guests had already starting to pick up on spirit presences.

We arrived at the log and Jason soon joined us once again some of the group witnessed his presence the smell of aftershave, beer and this time wanting us to sing songs such as Yellow Submarine and La Bamba. As the group was large and our guests were younger than usual Jason provided magnificent EMF readings and temperature drops. Jason once again picked his chosen person for the evening Chloe and he was standing by her for most of the evening although he followed Simon around also. Joe and Sandra had already felt the presence of the children and Simon led the group to the log.
Some of the guests were connected to the children although not as many as usual I believe this was again due to the younger ages in this group. Russell felt a child in his hand for the first time tonight and he had two of the male guests lying down wanting or being told to hide. The guest that were holding hands of children split in different directions this time that is also unusual. Chloe was being led away by a child called Emily we believe and Simon walked with her quite quickly Chloe changed direction and Simon was told that Emily was looking for the bunny found earlier in the woods. Ryan went and retrieved the blue bunny and we hid this where Emily pointed via Chloe’s hand.

We then moved onto towards the Well but rather than just go to Well Joe asked Russell if we could go into a new area we have found. The group formed and Simon and Joe both had EMF activity and a couple of the male guests heard strange noises. At this point Simon and Joe both felt something walk through them and they were heading towards Russell, Ryan and Sandra. Chloe was standing near Russell who felt a bad presence with him then Chloe complained about her back and confirmed that she had felt something scratch her back. Russell moved everybody away from this are very quickly and held back the bad spirit presences. Once we had left the area Chloe revealed her back and there were fresh scratch marks on her back. Chloe has kindly agreed to let publish the photos please look at these and let us have your views.

Cash's Well scratch

Ryan presented the history of the Well to our guests and we moved into the séance area. Russell performed yet another great séance and this was very active people hands were lifted and Sandra was pushed to the ground and twisted into various positions.

Sandra then led the group of women to the hill area Russell and Ryan joined them.

Simon remained at the Well with the male members of the group and carried out some dowsing experiments with some good results. We returned to one group and Russell was asked to channel this again was very interesting and Edwin Cash came through he wanted money and answered questions about his gold being buried somewhere in this area.

Russell was then drawn into the dipped area just outside the Well after a short while Chloe felt sick and wanted to leave the area. As she was leaving Simon picked up that she was being followed. Simon was talking to a couple of guests when Ryan advised that Chloe was not with us in mind Simon immediately applied hands and started to call her back. Russell then came and took control of the situation and asked the spirit to return Chloe to us, all of a sudden and with a gasp of air Chloe was returned to us and ensured us that she felt ok. (Chloe is a member of a spiritual group and often sits in circle). We decided to conclude investigations at the Well.

As we were returning to the meeting point Sarah advised that when they sit in circle they are regularly joined by a notorious criminal. Simon and Joe know that these notorious criminals were in these woods and we walked to where Simon knew they would make themselves known. As soon as we walked passed at gateway the atmosphere changed and you could feel the difference within ten yards. Unfortunately we were running out of time but they did lead us back a different way to the meeting point. (The way they would have walked)

This was a fantastic night and we would like to thank Sarah and her group for coming with such open minds and we all to hope to work with them again soon.


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