Cash’s Well 21st March and the 11th April 2014

We apologise that our Blog updates have been interrupted due to circumstances beyond our control recently.

Our Cash’s Well visits in both March and April brought some fantastic results. Duncan has now joined the Team and Sandra who are both spiritually connected and have been helping in our recent events.

Cash’s Well as always remains active and always produces excellent results all our guests have left enjoying the experiences they have encountered.

On both these visits many guests have felt being pulled and a presence walking besides them on the pathway down to our first meeting point. At our first meeting point we were joined by a male spirit who wants us to smell his aftershave, which we believe to be either Old Spice or Brut. A female spirit who we believe was connected to the male spirit and two children also joined us. The two children were scared; Russell and Duncan led a group who could hear noises. There were many temperature variations recorded and strange happenings. Duncan and Joe attempted dowsing experiments that produced good results and confirmed the names of both the male and female spirits that were communicating with us in this area.

At our second meeting point a couple of female guests became very emotional and both Simon and Russell helped them to overcome their feelings of dread and tearfulness.

Simon and Sandra called the children spirits forward and for the first time all guests felt the experience of holding a child’s hand and Simon let the children lead the guests to where they wanted to go. Without any directions or prompting the group were all led by the children to their preferred meeting place and Russell, Ryan, Joe and Duncan followed the group and made sure everybody returned to the main meeting point. Simon then closed the investigation. This was a fantastic experience and our guests were amazed.

As we approached the Well Simon picked up on a dark force beckoning the group towards a new pathway that we had not investigated before. A couple of the guests thought they had seen a hooded dark shadow Russell and Duncan confirmed that they could feel a force. Two of the female guests experienced a horrible taste in their mouths, which soon spread amongst the group. Temperature drops once again were experienced throughout the group. Duncan experienced a chocking feeling and that the feeling of being hung. This is an area that the Team will spend more time investigating on future visits.

We finally arrived at the well and Russell conducted the séances; both really proved to be brilliant, especially on our second visit which was particularly eventful with all hands lifting and people being brought to the floor. Our usual call outs and dowsing experiments followed and once again good results.

Sandra led a female group to the top of the hill and there were noises and bad feelings felt within the group. Russell did connect and once again the Ma’am spirit wanted a female guest left there for her pleasure.

We concluded our investigations but cannot wait to get back to Cash’s Well.


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