Canewdon church (St. Nicholas) visits

We have visited St. Nicholas church on four occasions. We choose this site for easy access and good viewing position of the main gates. This is where all reported activities supposedly happen. From our visits, mainly noises are heard from the church and we also witnessed a candle burning inside the church itself, which wasn’t there on arrival.

We have also checked out the country road in the surrounding area, as there are numerous reports of apparitions. Unfortunately we haven’t witnessed any sightings or unusual activity on the roads.

After visiting the church in the daylight we then went in search for a local pub/restaurant. We come across theRoyal Oak in Great Stambridge. The food and services were excellent! We then returned at approximately 11.30pm, Adam and Ryan walked around the church three times but apart from noises there were no reported sightings. Russell or Simon did not pick up any feelings or voices.

We tried further visits but still very limited noises or sightings we were all a little disappointed so if you have any experiences please let us know the time you have visited, by contacting us or commenting on this post.

Where to find The Royal Oak

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